10 very useful Sons of the Forest tips and tricks to survive

10 very useful Sons of the Forest tips and tricks to survive

The games of survival They are usually quite successful among the user community, and it is exactly the same with Sons of the Forest, which has just been released in Steam and it is being a complete success.

this new game Sons of the Forest It is a pure survival title for Steam, where we will have to build shelters, but also face enemies and create all kinds of elements and weapons, and it is likely that we can choke at first.

That is why we have thought of this very useful tips and tricks guide to survive in Sons of the Forest, and that they will be worth it both for the first hours and for when you have been on the adventure for a while.

We are going to offer you a batch of basic tips for those first hours, and other advanced tips for Sons of the Forest, so we advise you to read the entire article.

10 very useful Sons of the Forest tips and tricks to survive

pass kelvin

It’s not that we’re a bad person, it’s that Kelvin is practically useless, one of those characters that, if we try to take care of him, will slow us down with the issue of shelter and will mislead us to fight against the enemies.

It is advisable that you leave it directly near a tent or shelter, and build what you want, but never take it with you.

Understand all the basic needs

In a title with these characteristics, you need to understand the character’s needs such as thirst, hunger, or even the weather.

  • With regard to thirst, use rivers or ponds to drink.
  • If we talk about hunger, berries can be served at first, but it is best to hunt wild animals and try to cook them on bonfires. You could also eat canned food.
  • Finally about the temperature and the weather, realize that you will be affected by cold, humidity and heat, so keep an eye on the resistance meter. The best thing is that you build a bonfire with some wooden sticks and using a lighter so you don’t get frozen at night.

Rest and save the game

You will only be able to save when you interact with tents or sleeping bags.

You’re going to have a bunch of tents following the river up the sloping path into the mountains, or you could also lay down a tarp on the ground and interact with it while getting a stick to create your own makeshift tent.

Take note of points of interest on your GPS device

Thanks to this GPS device we can track several important places, and we must know them.

  • On the one hand, it is recommended that you use the place of the helicopter accident as a reference, a kind of initial fixed point to know in which area you are.
  • About the caves, they are marked on the map, and it is convenient for you to visit them.
  • With the GPS we will receive distress signals and they come in the form of purple markers and that could await different secrets as objects.
  • The other points of interest that come in green markers are places you must visit.

following the river

Once you get into nature, the safest thing to do is to follow the river.

Not only follow the main river, but the different tributaries that you can find. It is also a good way to get around and not get lost.

Manage inventory

Unlike other games, you have to open the inventory by pressing the I key.

We can also choose to click on our backpack, to add or remove certain items, and then hold down the I key to make the character pick up his backpack, which will allow us to select an item that we need.

Alternatively, check out the following button combinations:

  • “M”: Show GPS device or world map.
  • “G” – Holster or conceal an item or weapon you have equipped.
  • “L” – Use the UV igniter.
  • “B”: open the Guide

craft and build

You should know the difference between the two and how to take advantage of them.

On the one hand we have the elaboration that we carry out through the inventory screen, for this you must right-click on an element and mark the settings icon to see the recipes that we have unlocked, or we can right-click on others materials, followed by the gear icon to combine the resources into something new.

On construction, you have to access the guide with the B key, and we can build structures such as tents, campfires, stairs or planks, following the instructions in the drawing; or build objects and decorations, where you have to hold down the X key to switch to a separate mode.

Lean on a light source

Since you do not have a light source, it is impossible to survive, because you will not be able to explore and you will be attacked by enemies a lot more.

At first you will only have a lighter that is activated by pressing the L key but it is worth very little.

What you must do is find the flashlight as soon as possible, which is in an area with a purple marker that is near the helicopter crash site. When you get there you will hear a distress beacon, and you should see a rope attached to a rock that if you cut it will drop a dead body off the cliff, and you can pick up the GPS tracker and flashlight.

Don’t shoot the mutant lady

During the first hours of the game you will find a woman in a bathing suit, who is actually a mutant and if you get close she will run away.

If you come up with the clever idea of ​​removing her, you will have lost a character who will join you a bit later.

Death is not the end

When we die in the game, you should not worry, because the first death is not final, since we will appear tied to a post about to be eaten by the cannibals, and all we have to do is look for the knife, use it and as soon as we have unleashed run out of there.

Of course, if you die again within the next two days the game will be over for good.

There is a way to reset this death counter and for this you have to survive for a couple more days and if you die again you will again be tied up close to being eaten by the cannibals so you can escape again.

You will always have the option to load your last save point.

As you can see, these are tips that will come in handy for those first hours in Sons of the Forest, so that you can survive both the elements and the enemies.

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