11 Steam Deck Tricks, Tweaks, and Options You’ll Need to Know Before You Start Using It

11 Steam Deck Tricks, Tweaks, and Options You'll Need to Know Before You Start Using It

If you are the lucky owner of a new Steam Deck, I’m sure at first you may feel overwhelmed by all the new features.

And it is that this new portable console that is also a computer, is one of those challenges that Valve set out to address, and if you are one of the first users to have this particular device, we are going to give you a series of tricks that you should take advantage of.

These are tips and tricks that you will get to know over the months of using the Steam Deck but that we are going to bring you together in this article so that you have it easier and more aware from the beginning.

This is a particular system based on Linux, which can also play titles created for Windows, and on top of that, being a computer, it is capable of loading in desktop mode and you can also browse the web.

You shouldn’t worry either if you bought a Steam Deck with little storage capacity, because the system has a microSD card slot on the bottom for up to 2TB of expandable storage.

11 Steam Deck Tricks, Tweaks, and Options You’ll Need to Know Before You Start Using It

Manage adaptive brightness

The first piece of advice we give you is that adaptive brightness is one of those features that needs to be adjusted, plus it affects battery life quite a bit. So if you need to adjust this brightness you can do it from the quick settings.

There’s also a smart brightness adjustments shortcut that can be used mid-game, with a button combination of pressing the Steam button while flicking up (brighter) or down (to dim) with the left stick .

Be careful with the graphic settings

There are games created specifically for Steam Deck but that doesn’t mean you have to max out the graphics settings. It has been proven over time that a default graphics setting is the best option for this type of gameplay experience.

We invite you to experiment with each of the video games, moving the graphic settings from the default one up to see if the games suffer.

Updating the system

You should keep an eye out for the yellow exclamation point above the settings icon that indicates that there is a new version of software available for download, and yet they are usually quite numerous since the system was launched.

Beware of unverified games for Steam Deck

If he play it is not verified for Steam Deck it is expected that it will not work for you or that it will not even open for you.

So when you’re about to purchase one of these titles, you should watch for any kind of alert that tells you that this game can’t work properly on the Steam Deck. We advise you that if this happens, do not download it.

Configuring the buttons

It is essential that we reassign the rear buttons since they can end up giving us advantages in different shooting titles or in competitive ones. To reassign the back buttons, or any other, you must press the Steam button, then go to the right twice to open the button map of the controller and here you can assign the ones you want.

Accessing the shortcut list

We have a bunch of shortcuts for the Steam Deck, this is done by pressing the steam key + A and a shortcut overlay will appear with all the hotkeys.

That will give you the necessary button combinations and you have them all detailed in the system as soon as you press the corresponding combination.

A combination of buttons that will get you out of trouble

The steam+B combination is ideal if you’re having games crashing, so simply hold down these two buttons to restart the game and take you back to the main OS screen.

connecting accessories

The system is compatible with Bluetooth so that you can connect wireless peripherals such as a mouse and a keyboard, something that will facilitate the experience of browsing through the operating system or in the enjoyment of games.

So control knobs, but also mice or keyboards is the ideal thing to use.

Use the FPS limiter

We have an FPS limiter from 15 to 60 fps and the reason we need to preserve or limit this performance is for battery life and to reduce fan noise.

For example, it is great for us to use the 15 fps limiter in strategy titles, because they do not need more and you will also save the battery a lot.

calibrating the battery

It is essential that during the first days of using the system you know how to properly calibrate the battery. To do this you must use the official charger included in the purchase of the system, and check the operation of the different LEDs.

It is also a good idea to completely deplete the Steam Deck’s battery before charging it again, so that it calibrates properly.

A shortcut to desktop mode

Right-clicking on the Steam icon on the desktop and selecting Steam settings will give us an option to toggle uncompressed screenshots and change the default save location.

Surely there are many other tricks that you can take advantage of your new acquisition of the portable console Steam Deck, and you will discover them as the hours go by.