11 Useful Dead Space Remake Tips and Cheats for New Players and Experts

11 Useful Dead Space Remake Tips and Cheats for New Players and Experts

Whether you have enjoyed the original title released in 2008 or you are new to this license and want to start enjoying it with this remake of Dead Space original, you should be well prepared for the dangers that await you.

And it is that Dead Space Remake It is not an easy game, and you are going to be very scared, and in order to have an adequate learning curve, it is convenient that you know a series of tips that will come in handy for those first hours of the remake.

That is why, in this guide for Dead Space Remake, we are going to offer you 11 ideal tips and tricks before starting to play, and which, among other things, will allow you to get the most out of your abilities, weapons, and exploration. .

So join us in these 11 tips that will come in handy before you start playing Dead Space Remake.

11 Useful Dead Space Remake Tips and Cheats for New Players and Experts

Use kinesis to pick up and throw objects

Thanks to kinesis we can pick up items on the stage and throw them at enemies, although it can also be used to solve a series of puzzles.

The good thing about throwing items at enemies is that we can do damage or slow them down, especially the red cylinders that will explode on impact.

It is also recommended to cast those items that look like glowing blue lanterns since they can be inflicted with a status to slow them down.

Explore and explore as much as you can

What it is about is exploring, and we mean absolutely everything, don’t miss a single room.

If you cannot open a room, take note of it because a little later you will be able to open it.

As you explore you will find medical supplies, ammunition, refills for abilities and credits, and don’t forget not only to open crates, but also tiles and any structures that can be opened.

Trample the bodies you see

It’s not very nice, but if you stomp on every dead body or enemy body you see, you have a chance to send an object flying, and it’s a good way to get items.

save whenever you can

While we do have autosaves, we even have save rooms before the big bosses, it’s a good idea to always save every once in a while, so take advantage of absolutely every save point and even create multiple save files.

Manage storage

By picking up a lot of items, you’ll see that storage will start to run low.

Don’t go crazy selling absolutely everything in the store, try to keep medical supplies and ammunition, and if you need to make space and want to sell it, you can send the items to the warehouse, which can be accessed from any store.

Use the map correctly

The map is our best friend, and it has a fantastic locator. We can ping our target, and a blue line will stretch across the map to guide us to the target.

Also on the map we have marked icons for useful places such as shops or save points.

Prioritize suit upgrades

If you want to properly invest the credits and nodes, you should focus on upgrading the suit. It increases things like health and oxygen and don’t forget to buy absolutely all suit upgrades in the shop to increase inventory slots as well, for example.

Don’t let the enemies surround you

There will be particular moments in which we will have several enemies that are attacking us and it will seem impossible to kill them, and it is recommended that you use the corresponding ability so that you can slow them down.

Don’t be afraid to cut limbs

It is what you are going to do once you have the plasma cutter, and it is ideal that, instead of wasting so much ammunition with shots to the head or the body of the enemies, you attack directly to their extremities to slow them down and also to finish with them more easily.

Don’t trust the corpses on the ground

You can get a lot of scares, and if you see a corpse on the ground, it is likely that when you pass by they will end up attacking you, so you must be careful. The same does not happen with those enemies that you have previously eliminated.

Assign weapons to quick slots

Instead of having to go through your inventory to choose the right weapons for each moment, assign the ones you use the most to the fast slots.

This will allow us to save a lot of time.

However, keep in mind that new weapons you pick up are not automatically added to quick slots, and you must do so beforehand.

So these 11 tips and tricks are going to come in handy before you start playing Dead Space Remake to have a proper learning curve.