12 Forspoken tips and tricks that will be useful to know before you start playing

12 Forspoken tips and tricks that will be useful to know before you start playing

Yes ok The prophesied It is not a game that may seem complicated, due to the immensity of Athia We have a multitude of customization options, search options, and items that we can unlock, and that requires a lot of investment.

It is likely that an adventure of this type like that offered by Forspoken, could end up with a not very friendly learning curve in those first hours, and for this it is essential that you know a series of tips and tricks that will allow you to start with a good start. warranty.

That is why we are going to offer you 12 tips and tricks for Forspoken that it will be good for you to know before you start playing this immense adventure inside Athia where there is a lot to do, even after concluding the narrative.

We are going to give you tips for Forspoken that will deal with spells, affinities, the character’s equipment and obviously combat, and that you will surely appreciate.

12 Forspoken tips and tricks that you should know before you start playing

The best tips for Forspoken that will come in handy to know before you start playing:

Upgrade spells as soon as possible

We are going to find many sources of spells scattered around the map, many offering additional movement spells that improve, for example, the magic parkour, and the idea is that you can update them as soon as possible. To do this, you can activate their corresponding challenge on the shelf in any shelter, and then use them until the challenge is complete.

Upgrading them will boost their speed, and even reduce their stamina cost or remove it entirely.

Check the affinity of the enemies

All enemies have specific strengths and weaknesses that you should know, and one of the most recommended that you learn is elemental affinities. Realize that at the end of the campaign, the character will already have access to the spell trees for both earth, water, fire and lightning and that he will be able to alternate them.

Upgrade and modify equipment

In each pilgrim shelter there is a craft bench that will allow you to create concoctions of all kinds and also make the relevant inventory improvements. Among this, you will be able to update the collection of capes and necklaces by applying new benefits that range from reducing poison damage to adding healing effects from critical hits, among others.

Use magic change spells

You must be aware that each magical element has a specific spell that allows you to combine.

Holding R1 and L1 will open the wheel to choose an affinity, but if you also press the corresponding button (circle for purple magic or square for red magic) at the same time, the character will be able to perform a damaging attack that also changes the affinity .

Loading combat spells

Although you can improve all spells by completing their specific challenge, combat can be improved by unlocking multiple levels of Surge.

These types of spells are activated by holding the button until the spell completes, after which the damage will be increased or different attacks will be unleashed.

Avoid the puzzle chests

Throughout the map we will have a series of puzzle chests where we must solve a small challenge of sliding tiles that contain ancient coins that you will be able to use to buy books that contain new benefits for the cape and necklace. You can solve these types of challenges or skip them by spending magic.

If you don’t want to waste time, you can spend 5 magic to solve them instead of wasting valuable minutes trying to solve the puzzle.

Get all the balsam flax you can

It is an ingredient to create healing erasers, which are a kind of potions that you will use in your fights.

You will find this ingredient in green areas, specifically those with tall vegetation.

play with cats

Some of the secondary missions that we have available are those of cats that we find that, when we approach them, they will run away.

The idea is that we follow them for a few minutes until they take us to a statue of Poppet, which are gnomes that are exchanged for rare items with the collector in Cipal.

Don’t be afraid of falling

Unlike other titles, here you should not be afraid to jump to great heights since you will end up losing some health and little else.

You can also try casting a support spell before hitting the ground to pause the character mid-fall and not lose as much health, or even use your magical parkour abilities to propel yourself forward.

Try to avoid the Breakstorms

They are a series of elements that appear randomly on the map and that summon legions of beasts and that on top of that reduce our vision capabilities. While it can be tempting to confront them, sometimes the best solution is to leave the area, find the nearest shelter, sleep, and return to the area where they’ve already disappeared.

Get as many stat upgrades as you can

There are many ways that we have to improve the character’s abilities, and for example, the small purple icons indicate a reward for clearing that area.

One of the most important are the chevron symbols which are stat upgrades, mainly combat challenges, which increase health, defense and much more.

run and run

It is convenient for you to run, basically because the magical parkour is activated, on top of that it has other benefits.

For example, Shimmy adds small boost jumps while Rush allows you to advance with button presses. But mostly Flow makes you invincible to most attacks.

Surely there are many more tips and tricks that we can offer you for Forspoken, but the ones that you have exposed above are more than enough for your first hours of match be much more satisfying.