15 Things You Didn’t Know Were Possible In The Sims 4

All the emotions of The Sims 4, how to provoke them and what each one is useful for

While we wait for the long-awaited Sims 5 to arrive one day, we can still discover a multitude of secrets and surprise ourselves in The Sims 4.

To do this, the community of players does not stop looking for tricks that we can use in our games at the sims 4and now we want to gather some tips, curiosities or tricks that you probably do not know yet.

Many of these tips or trivia are just that, and they won’t make your games any easier, but they are tremendously fun to trigger in The Sims 4.

However, we also have some other really awesome tips that you thought weren’t possible in The Sims 4 that are going to give you a boost in games.

15 Things You Didn’t Know Were Possible In The Sims 4

Doors for dogs and children

Perhaps you did not know it, but within all the extensive furniture that you have available for your home, you have some small doors that you can place next to the main door and that can be used by small children as well as by the dogs themselves or pets that have.

Royalties for our songs

If you have specialized any of the characters to play instruments, you can max out their guitar skill, write any theme and record the songs, and the final step is to use the mailbox to post the song.

After that you will get royalties from that song every day to make a good financial amount.

making jam

Perhaps you did not know that it was possible to make jam in The Sims 4, and for this you must have excellent cooking skills and obviously good kitchen furniture.

Your new friend, a robot

The robotic ability added to the university expansion, allows characters to create everything, including robots that can become your friend and also give you advantages in games.

Install a smart speaker or a talking toilet

If you want your house to be unique, you can have a smart speaker and also a talking toilet and the good thing is that if you become friends with these smart devices you will see other advantages.

The smart speaker can automatically order food while the talking toilet lets you watch TV while you’re in the bathroom.

An original way to eliminate a character

That is done through flower arranging, around level 9 characters can smell your excellent level flower bouquet with flowers of death, but anyone below the age group of elders will grow old upon receiving the bouquet.

However, the elderly, upon receiving this bouquet will die instantly.

handmade musical instruments

For this, the character needs a maximum level of manual and musical dexterity and they will see that they will be able to create all kinds of instruments.

Watch TV shows about aliens

One of the best updates relates to TVs unlocking new channels from faraway planets. Obviously, a sim can only get to see these channels if he has skill level 9 so that he can update the television.

death by shame

If a character has done too many embarrassing things in a short amount of time, such as invading their privacy, saying something inappropriate, or urinating on themselves, they are at great risk of dying from being totally embarrassed.

visiting another planet

It’s only available to those science sims who reach the top of their career, and they’ll end up receiving an invitation to a rather strange planet.

resurrecting characters

Once a character reaches their highest level, both in writing and in the novel authoring career path, they can capture the epic saga of a living character in them and when they die, the book can be used to resurrect them.

the mysterious hermit

Deep in the forest, you may come across a lonely hermit who lives among his plants in a wooden house, but only max-level camper and herbalist characters will find this path through the forest.

Turn trash into treasure

If you leave the garbage uncollected, you will see that everything around it will start to rot, but if you keep waiting, you will discover that you can turn this garbage into a flourishing plant from which you can eat its fruits.

Living the life of your characters in the first person

To do this, feel free to equip any virtual reality headset, and then use the recently added new first-person view option to switch between your characters.

Eliminating tedious tutorials

It can get really boring having to go through countless tutorials, every time we discover a new skill or item, and for that you can disable it thanks to one of the latest updates.

So do not hesitate to consult the different options to get rid of the tutorials.

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