20 tricks to build better in The Sims 4

20 tricks to build better in The Sims 4

Thanks to The Sims 4 we have practically infinite possibilities in each of our games, and if we add much more tricks.

The main problem is that we have so many tricks and keyboard shortcuts for The Sims 4 that sometimes we don’t take full advantage of them because concepts are lost or we don’t know very well when to use them.

That is why on this occasion, we want to highlight up to 20 tricks for The Sims 4, with some codes and also keyboard shortcuts that will come in handy.

Many of these tricks to build better in the sims 4 I’m sure you know them, but it’s likely that you’ve put them aside all this time.

20 tricks to build better in The Sims 4

We want to highlight these 20 tricks to build better in The Sims 4:

  • It is essential that to carry out the construction of a new home, and you dedicate yourself to the subject of the walls, hold down the Control key to redraw a wall, either to rebuild it or delete it.
  • Use the code “’bb.moveobjects on” to move objects freely.
  • You can hold Alt to freely position and rotate objects as well.
  • Use the TS3 camera to get better angles, ideal for the construction theme.
  • You can use the number keys 0 and 9 to move objects up and down.
  • If you press CTRL+[NÚMERO] you can set the camera positions.
  • It is possible to correct the placement of objects, placing an item on the counter, then moving it and you will see that it will stay at the same height.
  • Use Y to increase or decrease the size of the objects.
  • You can press F5 to place objects in tile rooms.
  • Use angle brackets to rotate objects and floors.
  • If you hold down Alt to place the wallpaper on a single wall, you can then press Shift to place it on an entire room.
  • You can build from the World Manager to have infinite money, or use the following codes like “motherlode”, “rosebud” or “kaching”.
  • Hold Shift to adjust only one side of a roof
  • With the SHIFT+C shortcut you will have more roof control options
  • Use alt on roofs to get a more specific location
  • You can hold down the Shift key to place moldings or wainscoting on a single wall.
  • You may not have known this, but you can fix roof cutouts inside homes.
  • Save money by erasing the fence and bottom of the stairs on the porch.
  • You can have access to custom cabinets for more options.
  • With these codes “bb.showhiddenobjects” and/or “bb.showliveeditobject” get more options of elements and objects for furniture.

They are a series of quick tricks that are focused on the theme of construction, especially for home interiors, and that pro players are using to improve their houses in The Sims 4.

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