20 Very Useful Honkai Star Rail Tips And Tricks For Beginners And Advanced Players

20 Very Useful Honkai Star Rail Tips And Tricks For Beginners And Advanced Players

After the success of Genshin Impact, the people of Hoyoverse are betting on a new title, this time in turn-based combat, aimed at mobile devices and computers.

Basically the design of the characters and the worlds are very similar to the Hoyoverse games, although with a greater science fiction touch, and although it is not an open world to what Genshin Impactthere are many things we must do.

However, Honkai Star Rail can be tricky in those first few hours, and we want to ease the learning curve with the following tips.

So the following tips for Honkai Star Rail They are aimed at both beginners and experienced users in this turn-based combat title.

20 Very Useful Honkai Star Rail Tips And Tricks For Beginners And Advanced Players

Search carefully in each level

At each level you should be aware that a series of chests and also puzzles will be available. The maps have a set number of puzzles to complete and treasures to find which you can see in the top left corner of the map.

Don’t be afraid to explore

It is quite likely that by exploring each of the corners that the adventure offers you, you will end up finding surprises in the form of chests, chests that contain a lot of useful loot as in-game currency.

Go for the normal enemies

The best way you have to eliminate normal enemies and waste less time in games is to go directly for them using brute force, but it will not work for everyone.

A different strategy with the most powerful enemies

On this occasion, brute force is not worth so much, but instead you must focus on discovering the weaknesses of each of these enemies, and for this you must know how to use the appropriate character that you have at your disposal.

come back later

It is likely that during many points in the story, you will encounter threats that are not of your level.

If you see their names glowing red, it means these enemies are higher than the recommended level, so it’s a good idea to come back later.

Level up all the characters you can

It’s not that important at first, but by the time you get to the late game, it’s imperative that you have a great set of leveled and leveled up characters.

Diversify the team

It is recommended that you have a character completely leveled by elements, so try to have a wide variety of characters to be able to face the high points of the adventure.

Each character, a strategy

Regarding the above of having diversification in the team, we are not only talking about the elements, but you must have characters specialized in the brute attack, in ranged attack or in healing.

Use the techniques

Each character has a special ability called a technique that can be used and can enhance a character in different ways to make it easier to attack or defend in these matchups.

Character availability

Most will be available for a limited time, but don’t worry, if you can’t get it in this first batch, they’ll be available again later.

And attention to events

The development team will be launching a series of events, on a regular basis, that you should do to get exclusive rewards, in a way to keep the community hooked, but for this you must also advance as far as possible in the story or many of these events they will not be available and you will regret it.

Interact with the environment

Not only when it comes to exploring to find chests, but there will be a multitude of destructible objects that you can interact with in each area, whether in the main or secondary missions.

upgrade characters

Every time you have some characters you can update them in the character section, and you can access it from the options at the top right of the screen.

You need special character experience materials to upgrade it, and also some more materials to promote it.

Ration Ascension Materials

If you haven’t bought the battle pass or the special boxes, it is important that you ration the materials to promote the characters.

It is recommended to upgrade to a maximum of four characters in the first hours of the game so that they will be worth to you to overcome missions and obtain rewards.

Don’t skip the dialogues

It is important that you exhaust each of the dialogues when you meet the different characters, not only because it will allow us to learn much more about the story, but you could discover the occasional secondary mission that you do not expect.

Do daily training

When you have progressed a bit in the story, you will unlock the daily training, which you can access through the options at the top right of the interface, and you will be shown a bar with the current amount of points.

Learn character skills

You must learn and understand the abilities of each one of the characters that you have in your possession, and you can also improve the abilities in the corresponding section that go from attack, through the ability or the different techniques. You should understand each of the character’s abilities, to give you an idea of ​​how you can build your team.

The first attack is the most important

When you face enemies, the first attack is the most important, because you should always do it with the skill or technique of the character that is a weakness for said enemy.

Technique and skill points

Skill points can be recovered using the basic attack, while technique points require you to destroy the purple object that is in the area.

Techniques can be used outside of a fight

That is why we must use the techniques before starting a battle, and there are different effects that you can get when using this ability, most of the characters simply inflict damage on the enemy and others have a more exclusive effect that you should know about on the page corresponding to the characters.

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