20 winks, secrets and curiosities of Resident Evil 4 Remake that perhaps you did not know

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One of the best installments of the Resident Evil license has received a visual and playable wash with the release of its Remakeand with it, a series of changes that we can enjoy in the games.

Because we are going to find a series of changes and even winks and secrets that you can end up viewing in the Resident Evil 4 remake, and you may miss them.

That is why we are going to offer you a list of 20 winks, secrets and curiosities of Resident Evil 4 Remake, that you may not know so that you can enjoy them.

Some of these secrets and curiosities of Resident Evil 4 Remake They are quite obvious and you will realize it at first, but others are more hidden or are not so clear when you end up finding them, and we are going to explain them to you.

20 winks, secrets and curiosities of Resident Evil 4 Remake that perhaps you did not know

We have a lot of easter eggs in Resident Evil 4 Remake to explore in adventure, and finding them all is a challenge, so we have created a list with all that exist and what you need to do to view them.

  1. Lake Monster: Before you fight the lake enemy, in chapter 3, you need to save the game, shoot the water from the dock to make the creature appear.
  2. If you check the descriptions of the trophies you’ve unlocked, you’ll be able to see the dialogue that wasn’t included in this new version and that comes from the classic title.
  3. You can sit on Saddler’s throne in the castle, and thus receive a special message.
  4. When you have the assassin number 7 weapon, know that it is a reference to Capcom’s Killer 7 game.
  5. As soon as you defeat the giant, he must return to discover his history by looking at his childhood notes.
  6. The music in the shooting gallery is the same as that heard in the opening scene of the original game.
  7. In order for the title screen to feature a voiceover from the original game, you must purchase and enable the OST to activate this Easter egg.
  8. While the giant statue of Salazar isn’t in this new version, there are smaller versions of it that you can find as a collectible, one per chapter and each one makes a squeaky noise for you to locate.
  9. In chapter 16 Ashley refers to the “unlock master” from the first game in the series when she is asked to open a door.
  10. The SG-09R pistol has the name of the gun shop owner from the third installment in the series, and you see it engraved on the back.
  11. To unlock a unique animation, you must equip the Chicago Sweeper and suit, then reload the weapon.
  12. At the beginning of the game, when you reach the town, all the inhabitants will attack you until the church bell rings. Instead of waiting a while for that to happen, you can simply enter the house that is located to the left of the square, climb onto the roof, and from there shoot the church bells to end the fight early.
  13. When you get to chapter 3 you will see a trapped dog and you can rescue it, if you do it will help you later in one of the boss fights.
  14. Our character has also changed, and you will see it for example after defeating Ramón Salazar. If you played the original you will remember Leon’s general behavior which was more peculiar and cheeky than now with the remake. Here you will get the trophy called “no thanks bro”.
  15. During Chapter 14, Leo gives Ashley a push so she can open a locked door from the other side, and you’ll hear a line of dialogue said by Jill in the original series.
  16. From time to time, you can hear the trader humming the notes from the series’ original soundtrack, though he’ll start coughing after a few seconds.
  17. At the end of the game, Ada offers to escape the island with Leon via helicopter, but Leon refuses, saying that “we both know this about each other going our separate ways”, and this interaction didn’t exist in the original, and is a line of dialogue that the team has included in reference to a game mode from the original title.
  18. In the original title there was a shotgun with a huge magazine and the benefit it had was not power, but rather there was a way that could make you move faster than usual. Now with this easter egg, there’s a nod to this perk, if you buy and look at the speed charm, you’ll see that the charm looks like the striker shotgun.
  19. Another Easter egg has to do with the knife, and that is that in this remake, Leon’s initial knife is precisely the one that Branagh gave him almost six years ago.
  20. For Tarantino movie lovers, there is an easter egg that references one of the lines spoken in Pulp Fiction when the main character Leon says one of those lines from the movie during a particular fight scene in the game, and that it is unmissable.

It is likely that we have missed some more Easter eggs, but the ones that we have mentioned above are interesting enough that you even go through the adventure again to discover them.

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