21 changes after the last patch of Hogwarts Legacy that the game does not tell you

Where to find all the butterflies in Hogwarts Legacy

It is convenient to be informed of the latest update patches for our favorite video games, basically to know all those changes that may affect our games.

And Hogwarts Legacy is no exception, and it is convenient that you are informed of absolutely all the changes that have been included in the latest update patch so that you can take advantage of it.

While most of the changes seen in this latest update patch for Hogwarts LegacyThey have to do with the performance and stability of the program, the truth is that a series of bugs seen in missions that the user community has been reporting have been resolved, and one of the best spell combos has even been thrown to the ground.

Be that as it may, we are going to highlight a series of changes that we consider the most important after the last patch of update released for Hogwarts Legacy on March 8th.

21 changes after the last patch of Hogwarts Legacy that the game does not tell you

We have dozens and dozens of changes in this last update patch for Hogwarts Legacy, but we want to highlight in particular those changes that have gone unnoticed.

Changes and resolutions in the missions

They are a series of errors that the user community has been reporting, failures on missions and where many could not be completed.

  • In the Take the biscuit quest, the prompt to use the Alohomora spell on the cage did not appear if the cage had already been unlocked before the start of the quest, so it could not be completed. It’s already solved.
  • Also fixed not being able to complete a quest during a specific conversation with Mrs. Kogawa.
  • Fixed issue with waypoints being in the air instead of on the ground inside Hogsmeade.
  • Fixed missing exit indication on some doors inside Hogwarts.
  • In the Butterflies quest, fixed opening butterfly chests other than the chests intended for a quest not counting towards quest progress.
  • Also fixed butterflies not appearing in the specific area for quest progress.
  • Fixed astronomy class bug when using the telescope where it would get stuck in focus and you couldn’t exit even to the menu screen.
  • During broomstick flight, fixed the player getting stuck while riding a broomstick when spinning or when spinning around a statue.
  • In a World Event, fixed wagon cars getting stuck together while the avatar is blocking them.

Visual effects

A series of errors related to visual effects, whether of the world itself or of the characters, have been solved.

  • Fixed bug with characters not having hair.
  • Some enemy shields were not displaying correctly during certain missions, they will now display correctly.
  • Fixed visibility of constellations on the astronomy table.
  • Fixed the female avatar face appearing differently than the preview of the creation during gameplay.
  • Fixed the map showing the wrong path in certain missions.
  • Certain facial animations have been updated.

Goodbye to the best spell combo in the game

This is a bug that many users have been taking advantage of to, by performing a series of spell combinations, kill any enemy with a single hit.

Basically when you were in a fight with multiple enemies, if you use crucio on one plugin and spread the curse effect to multiple enemies including some boss and then use the transform spell on one of the plugins it instantly removes all of them enemies with the curse effect.

Well, you can no longer do this, so goodbye to this infallible tactic.

saving the game

  • Fixed bugs with the issue of saving the game.
  • One of them was the inability to talk to vendors during sequential saves.
  • Also fixed streaming in and out after getting the Dung Bomb Field Guide and loading a manual save.
  • Fixed an issue with shutting down the game and loading an autosave during the end credits that would cause an infinite loading screen.
  • Also fixed a small bug where the tone of voice setting was saved with the avatar.

Then there are a lot of things that have been solved in terms of performance and stability, and that you can check on the official page.