5 Mighty Doom Cheats That Will Make The Game Easier

5 Mighty Doom Cheats That Will Make The Game Easier

Don’t be fooled by its appearance, because Mighty Doom is not an easy game, and it is a real challenge level by level.

Drinking titles like Vampire Survivors directly, we are going to have to survive incessant waves of enemies, while we advance through the levels and improve our equipment.

However, it is likely that at first you will find Mighty Doom really challenging and complicated, so you should know a series of tips or tricks that will come in handy for the rest of the games.

They are a series of tips that you can put into play at any time, and that will help you prosper properly and safely in Mighty Doom.

5 Mighty Doom Cheats That Will Make The Game Easier

The weapons you should use

There are a multitude of weapons that we have available in the games, but our favorite is the Gauss Cannon with extended shot, ricochet and magnetic acceleration. As far as the suit is concerned, go for the Gold Slayer. You can also rely on the heavy cannon or the plasma rifle.

What you should improve

You must improve the main weapon, also the secondary, the gloves and the helmet above anything else. This is basically because the game works based on damage per stat, so improving these elements is essential.

To make it easier for you to upgrade, you can salvage low-rarity gear or rarer gear that you’re not using. If you have armor that is common, you can recycle it for extra coins.

reviving free

Advertising has never been so well received, and thanks to the fact that you can view an ad from time to time, you can revive it for free. Of course, you are limited to doing this five times a day, and you should save this announcement when you are in a difficult game. In addition, watching the ads also allows you to get other rewards such as coins.

Get these upgrades

We recommend that you buy the Gold Slayer which costs around 1200 crystals or $10 and gives you a random chance to reload the secondary weapon every time you do a kill. The rest of the microtransactions are not worth much.

making a trap

At the moment it is working, and it is that we can close the application to restore a room if you are about to die, but it only works with the standard rooms and boss rooms.

You can start with the advice that we have offered you above and you will see that the difficulty curve becomes more and more smooth as the minutes go by.

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