5 More Hogwarts Legacy Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do

5 More Hogwarts Legacy Things You Didn't Know You Could Do

Due to the vastness of Hogwarts Legacywe can do a multitude of things throughout the map, including discovering secrets and hidden side missions.

But we can also perform a series of actions that Hogwarts Legacy does not tell you, and that can give us a series of advantages in the games.

In this article we are going to base ourselves on a series of things that you thought were not possible to do in Hogwarts Legacy, and that are going to give us different advantages.

The principle should not be corrected by the development team in future updates, but we always advise you to take advantage of these new discoveries from the beginning.

5 More Hogwarts Legacy Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do

For example, one way to attract those bags of coins to us, without having to pick them up, is by using the Accio spell. By doing so, you will be able to bring these bags to your side, without having to move, something ideal to avoid nearby enemies.

A very simple way that we have to overcome the tests of butterflies is through the Lumos spell. So he just uses this spell when you’re next to the butterflies, and then take them to those cubicles and complete the mission faster.

If you combine the bombardment spell and cast it on those red barrels, the explosion will be so strong that you could take out all the enemies in a single room.

There is a special transformation about the Phoenix, so when you meet this animal, use the transformation spell, and you will see that you can transform it into a pumpkin, but if you keep insisting, it will end up in a large set of coins.

There is a way to bring animals or pets into the Hogwarts castle, to do this, go around, look for one of those goats or sheep, use Accio and Leviosa along with the transformation spell to take it to the first entrance room of the castle .

These are things that, although they are not going to give us many advantages, in certain cases they are curious and we should take advantage of them in case the development team ends up eliminating them.

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