5 Things Advanced Sims 4 Players Do That You Probably Don’t

5 Things Advanced Sims 4 Players Do That You Probably Don't

the sims 4 They have been with us for many years, and a good way to prosper, in addition to spending hours, is to look at what pro players do.

Thanks to the advice of pro players, we can obtain a series of advantages in our games of The Sims 4, such as being more efficient, and that is always welcome.

On this occasion, we want to highlight up to five tips and tricks that advanced players do to The Sims 4 and that you are probably not using.

They are a series of strategies and tips that you can put into play right now in The Sims 4 and that will surely bring you a lot of joy.

5 Things Advanced Sims 4 Players Do That You Probably Don’t

Here are the five things advanced players do in The Sims 4:

Get the most out of gardening

Gardening is one of those aspects of The Sims 4 that gets left out a lot, but it’s a great way to make a lot of money.

The advice is that you fill the entire garden, up to the top, with seeds on all sides, and you will see that you will receive fruit very quickly.

You could also take advantage of changing your house, make it temporarily into a micro house, so that you have much more space for the issue of seeds.

You will see that you can get dozens and dozens of coins in just seconds, better than doing other activities.

they know what to cook

Our characters can make a multitude of foods in the kitchen, but some offer more profitability than others.

The best thing is that you cook in bulk, and for this you will have to bet on foods such as salad, which is good for us and keeps quite well for the next few days.

In this way, with a single cooking, you could feed your characters for several days and it is also very economical.

They take a good look at the price of the elements and structures

Those elements that come to us by default are not necessarily the cheapest.

If you have installed several expansions, you will see that they usually have elements such as doors, armchairs or windows, cheaper than the doors, armchairs and windows that come in the base game.

In this way, try to get out of your comfort zone and experiment with new elements, which in addition to making your house much more beautiful, will also be even cheaper.

Going for aspiration traits

It is convenient that we take advantage of the traits, but since we have so many to choose from, it is likely that we will end up selecting or learning the one that will not be worth much to us.

In our case we want to recommend the trait of quick knowledge. Thanks to it we are going to learn anything in the shortest possible time, being able to unlock some other additional trait along the way.

They are not afraid to change the base configuration of the game

Behind the gameplay options you can change if you want your characters to age or not, being able to manage the theme of their life cycle and even general autonomy.

It is convenient to deal with the issue of concerns and fears, or the behavior of the characters with the environment.

There are many things that you can change in the options to adapt them to the way you play and thus have a better time.

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