5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do At Hogwarts Legacy

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There are so many things we can do in Hogwarts Legacybut there are a number of things that you thought were not possible that can be done, basically hidden interactions that are going unnoticed.

That is why in this article we are going to point out 5 things that you did not know you could do in Hogwarts Legacy, so that you can discover new secrets and, above all, interactions with other characters.

They’re pretty straightforward interactions, and we’re going to be as clear as possible so you can trigger them first time, because they’re really fun.

So these secret interactions you didn’t know you could do in Hogwarts Legacy are another one of those things you can do once you’ve gotten past the narrative.

5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do At Hogwarts Legacy

Secret Pajama Interactions

As you well know, it is possible that we can use our pajamas, but perhaps what you did not know is that if you walk past other characters in your pajamas, be they main or secondary, you will unlock a lot of new lines of dialogue that you do not expect.

The mysterious room of the wolves

When you are in the mysterious room of the wolves in the bell tower, once you arrive you must turn left and go up the stairs.

Go straight and go through the door. As soon as you pass through the door, turn left and go down the stairs and on the right you will find a door that you must open. In this door you will find a box with a shield inside.

The shield is a secret door that you can go through and you will enter a new room, because when you get to a room with a lot of paintings on the walls, you can use the different spells to provoke secret interactions that we do not want to reveal to you.

Turning animals into money

You can interact with the animals that you find in the world, but also transform them with the corresponding spell.

The idea is that you use the transformation spell on the sheep or goats, and the first time nothing will happen, but if you keep insisting with the same spell it will finally transform into a bag of money. And you can do it with all the goats and sheep you come across.

turning animals into weapons

Using the same transformation spell as above, when we turn a goat or a sheep into a ball, we can launch it against the enemies, in a way to use these types of animals as weapons as well.

Passing Merlin’s tests easier

As you well know, in this type of test we have to perform a lot of jumps on platforms and on many occasions we end up falling. What you didn’t know is that you can solve Merlin’s tests mounted on your broom, which is much easier.

As you can see, they are a kind of interactions in Hogwarts Legacy that we can do, many of them very nice, and that surely you had not thought of before.

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