50 Vampire Survivors Tips and Tricks You’ll Be Thankful to Know

50 Vampire Survivors Tips and Tricks You'll Be Thankful to Know

There are some classic games that never go out of style, and those top-down development titles where you have to manage the odd character while eliminating dozens of enemies that come close are usually the funniest.

And that’s exactly what it’s about. Vampire Survivorsone of the great computer and mobile games that came out at the end of last year, and that has dazzled the entire gaming community.

How do we know you love them? trickswe have gathered, in a single article, 50 direct, fast and simple tricks that you can put into practice in your next games of Vampire Survivors.

They are a series of tricks for Vampire Survivors that will get you out of some trouble or other, and they will allow you to have that information baggage to be able to manage a game from start to finish.

50 Vampire Survivors Tips and Tricks You’ll Be Thankful to Know

Fifty simple, direct and effective tricks that you will use in your games of Vampire Survivors:

  1. Don’t let yourself be surrounded, because one of the main ways to die is for enemies to attack you from each of the flanks.
  2. Each character usually has an attack capable of killing all the enemies that are around, ideal for taking a breather.
  3. try to catch armas that are effective at several quadrants away, which will allow us, with a single touch, to eliminate several enemies simultaneously.
  4. Take advantage of the scenario in your favor and you will have advantages in combat.
  5. By this we mean that you can, for example, hide behind some unbreakable element to protect yourself when you are surrounded by enemies.
  6. Be careful with certain obstacle traps in the scenarios, we can get stuck and lose practically a life.
  7. Create ambushes on the stages, locate some unbreakable obstacles, and stay well hidden behind them to lure the creatures and eliminate them in that area.
  8. Do not forget to break torches or any object on the stage, ideal to obtain many rewards.
  9. There are elements of the scenery that can’t seem to be broken, don’t be afraid to experiment with them.
  10. Don’t get mad when you lose the game, just learn from the mistake.
  11. Invest properly all the money you get, try to try buying different things each time.
  12. Learn which are the most outstanding abilities of each of the heroes, some may work better in different environments of the stage and against a series of enemies.
  13. Learn to control your character, not all are the same and depending on the way you play, one may be better than another.
  14. Use a joystick, a keyboard with a mouse, or even all at once, depending on your previous computer gaming experience.
  15. Do not hesitate to customize the buttons, the ones that come by default are not always the right ones.
  16. You must be brave, in the most advanced scenarios there will be so many enemies that you will not see anything on the screen, try to dare with everything from the beginning.
  17. Even if you lose, don’t despair, try to continue improving your characters and make use of the enhancers.
  18. Never play defense, this is a game where you have to survive by killing many enemies at the same time.
  19. Most defensive powers and abilities are useless, so just focus on attacking ones.
  20. What it is about is killing the enemies as quickly as possible, so bet on power-ups and improve the characters thinking about this strategy.
  21. Don’t go so fast for the loot, first clear the area a bit of enemies and don’t get distracted by some reward on the map.
  22. This is because the items will not disappear, so take the time to clear out the enemies and access the reward safely.
  23. One strategy that is working very well for us is to accumulate enough gems to get some additional levels.
  24. If you need to pick up items while enemies are attacking, make sure to slowly rotate through enemies in a circle so that you can pick up items safely.
  25. The torches are destructible and they help us to obtain gold, but also healing and other special elements.
  26. The special items that interest us are those orbs that give us a multitude of advantages in the game.
  27. The vacuum perk will draw all experience gems from the map.
  28. The self-destruction will eliminate all the enemies that are around you, something ideal to take a light break.
  29. Don’t waste the healing items, you’ll need them later.
  30. Buy power-ups with gold you earn while completing a race.
  31. The gold that you accumulate never disappears.
  32. Do not forget to access the main menu, where all the PowerUps are, and this is where you can invest your gold to obtain power-ups.
  33. Power-ups can be applied to any of the characters.
  34. Don’t underestimate the luck buff as it can provide much more gold and buffs during matches.
  35. Focus on two or three of your character’s most powerful weapons when leveling them up.
  36. Ideally, you want to improve them in terms of cooldown, increasing the number of projectiles they fire or their base damage.
  37. Our favorite weapons, and the most powerful, are the king’s bible, the knife and the magic wand.
  38. And among the favorite upgrades are the doubler that will generate additional projectiles.
  39. To evolve a weapon you must meet the criteria and reach a specific point in the game, so you must be clear about it.
  40. Pay attention to the timer on the map and learn what happens at specific times.
  41. Each map has a different time.
  42. To unlock additional arcana you must reach level 99 with a specific character or reach the 31st minute in specific stages.
  43. Once you have unlocked the arcane system, you can select three different arcana that will change the way you play.
  44. Every enemy is different, so learn their abilities, attacks, and moves.
  45. You must also understand with how many hits you can eliminate each type of enemy with that weapon you are using.
  46. There are 18 different slot machines that you can spend all your money on.
  47. Sometimes the right weapon is not the most spectacular, but the most effective, so experiment with all of them.
  48. Completing challenges will unlock more characters, and will also give you a larger arsenal of weapons to use.
  49. Many challenges are so simple that you will complete them naturally in the game.
  50. There is a merchant in the game, but you need to unlock him before he appears, and he will sell you some of the rarer weapons.

There are a lot of tricks that you can use in your games at Vampire Survivors, and that will help you get much further in the games.