6 Hogwarts Legacy Secrets You Might Haven’t Discovered Yet

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Hogwarts Legacy is back in fashion with its new release for consoles like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and with this it is convenient to enjoy the adventure again, discovering more secrets.

Although we have already listed a large set of secrets and curiosities that you can find in Hogwarts Legacy, and that are still present in these new releases, we have discovered others that we had not previously mentioned.

Some of these secrets are just curiosities that are not going to offer you any advantage, but others, however, you can make the most of them to advance in Hogwarts Legacy.

Be that as it may, here is a new compendium of tricks and secrets that you can take full advantage of in Hogwarts Legacy.

6 Hogwarts Legacy Secrets You Might Haven’t Discovered Yet

These are all the new secrets that we have found at Hogwarts Legacy:

  • Hidden chest that you can find in a dark place inside the school library, and basically you have to use the glacius spell on the fireplace, to enter the hidden room that hides chests and two ghosts fighting each other.
  • You can unlock a very curious situation where one of the members of the school believes that his friend has turned into a sheep, and this is in the hospital wing that you can access after the main quest. You will also be able to find in this area, some interesting and should read medical documents related to different students and teachers.
  • The teachers’ room, when you have the right level to enter these rooms, you will find several interesting cards about them that will help you understand the narrative, as well as a lot of loot inside.
  • And we have a very particular store in Hogsmeade that is made up of three doors, and depending on which one you enter, you will find a completely different store with several surprises. The name of the store is Bingle and Blatch and that we invite you to discover.
  • Scene of dancing ghosts, we have it in the castle, specifically, in the dungeons, which you can access with level 1 of opening locks, and after passing the metal door that leads to a corridor of blue light, to the In the end you will find this scene.
  • If you love the Harry Potter narrative, you can always stop by the Prophet’s copy booth in Hogsmeade to take the story much further.

As you can see, they are a series of details that go quite unnoticed, and that not only allow you to obtain more loot, but also expand the Hogwarts Legacy narrative to the maximum.

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