6 things about Pokemon Scarlet and Purple that you did not know and that are very useful

Where are all the stakes in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple

Pokemon Scarlet and Purple They are being one of the most popular Pokemon games. Graphical glitches haven’t dampened players’ enthusiasm for exploring the franchise’s first open world, with many small changes to the mechanics.

When the new Switch games came out, we already told you 9 things you should know before you start playing, but the game still has many more surprises to discover.

Therefore, we have selected other 6 things that you will find very useful in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple… and that you may not know yet.

6 things about Pokemon Scarlet and Purple that you did not know and that are very useful

You can capture the dominant Pokemon

One of the plots of the game is to defeat five giant Pokemon, called Dominants, that are causing problems in various places in Paldea. When you defeat them, you can’t capture them, they just run away…

But then you can capture them again! If you go back to all five locations, you’ll find the Pokemon near the locations where you fought them (remember the caves where they run away and look around them). Are Klawf, Orthworm, Bombirdier, Longfang, and Tatsguri (ordered from least to most level).

You will recognize them because if you bump into them, the fight will not start, you must “talk” to them. They are larger than normal (but not gigantic either), but have maxed IV and EV. They can’t come out shiny.

Be very careful, because according to this Reddit user, if you beat them once, they won’t come out again!! Before fighting them, save manually and disable autosave.

You can get free skins based on your “past lives”

If you enter Plateau City through the front door, on the stairs you will find a woman who can recognize your past lives through Rotometry. If you let her do it, she will give you personalized SmartRotom covers.

This is obviously based on the other Pokemon games on the Switch, and if you have save data on your console Pokemon Legends Arceus, Pearl and Diamond, Sword and Shield or Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee.

You can eat to capture shiny (but you must pass the postgame)

Catching shiny Pokemon can be easier if you eat snacks with mystical herbs, which activate the Nutripoder Variocolor. However, in order to get them you must have unlocked the five or six star Teraids.

You will be able to obtain different types of mystical spices in the rewards of these more difficult teraincursions… and for that it is necessary to have passed the game, and a part of the postgame, the great battle tournament of the Academy.

Farming Gimmighoul coins is not that difficult

Gimmighoul It is one of the most elusive Pokemon in the game. This Pokemon, which debuted a few days earlier in Pokemon Go, has a curious way of being captured… and even more so of evolving into Gholdengo.

To capture it must be a vault shape, and these are only found on top of the stone towers that are all over Paldea. Go upstairs and there it is.

However, to evolve it, you will need to have in your pocket 999 Gimmighoul Coins. The best way to get them is by fighting or capturing the Gimmighoul chest forms, and since there are many watchtowers on the map, each with a chest form and for each fight they give you at least 50 coins, it will not take long to collect them all if you visit all the watchtowers Also, each day they will respawn in a location.

Stakes are required for Legendaries

During the game, you will come across a series of colored stakes. Touching them will disappear without giving you any explanation.

Of course, it all has to do with legendary ones. It is necessary to find 8 blue, green, purple and yellow stakes to enter the sanctuaries where you will find some legendary Pokemon: Wo-Chien, Chien-Pao, Ting-Lu y Chi-Yu.

In this guide you can see the location of the 32 stakes of different colors. And to obtain the entrance door of the sanctuaries… Don’t mess around and go to the History classes at the Academy!

Serebii has a very useful interactive map

Serebii, one of the Pokemon reference websites, has created an interactive map of Paldea. You can filter with the locations of the stakes, the fast travel points, the Gimmighoul chests, the Teracrystal Pokemon…

You can find the interactive map of Serebii.net at this link.

Here we leave you our analysis of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple: “The graphics are still their great weakness, but they shine so brightly in everything else and they are SO special games… that they take our outstanding.”

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