6 Things You Didn’t Know About Hogwarts Legacy That You’ll Be Thankful To Know

6 Things You Didn't Know About Hogwarts Legacy That You'll Be Thankful To Know

There are many things that we can do in Hogwarts Legacy, and although the learning curve is adequate, it is likely that if you do not know how to make the most of those first hours of play, you may regret it later.

However, after having enjoyed many hours at Hogwarts Legacy, we can now put a series of questions on the table. tips that will be great for you so that you have an even better learning curve.

They are a series of tips for Hogwarts Legacy that we recommend that you use, and we are going to talk about a better use of the map, somehow mission that you should not overlook, some tips on legendary equipment, or even on potions, among other things.

So walk us through these tips on things you should know about Hogwarts Legacy before playing, because there are really interesting tips.

6 Things You Didn’t Know About Hogwarts Legacy That You’ll Be Thankful To Know

Making the most of the map

Surely one of the first things you have tried has been the map, you have moved the cursor, you have changed to the different views but perhaps you have not yet taken advantage of the zoom.

Not only can we use the zoom to zoom in or out of the map and have more details, but we can zoom out as much as possible, select any of the regions, and the level of the enemies in that region will appear on the right of the screen. region, and also a series of elements that we can find in this place, such as chests.

A mission that you should not miss

One of those missions that you must carry out is to find the different statues of Demiguise.

The good thing is that using the zoom of the previous advice on the map, we will be able to know the corresponding statues that are in each of the regions.

Most of these statues are found in cities and villages, so you must investigate, above all, the interior of the houses to find them.

These statues appear only at night, so try to do this mission in the night hours of the game.

Realize that there are 40 statues and you can improve some skills like opening doors.

legendary team

Throughout the games you will find a multitude of unidentified legendary equipment, and obviously you must identify it to be able to use it.

It is recommended that you ID this equipment as soon as possible, since it will have the level of when you found it, not when you identified it.

Prepare thoroughly for missions

The bottom line is that you always go equipped with the best gear you have, and then leave ample space in your inventory to pick up a bunch of items throughout the mission.

To get rid of equipment before missions, you can sell it, but it is essential that you have enough space in your inventory before the big missions so that you do not leave anything important behind.

Do this ASAP for potions

Potions are one of the most important items in the adventure, and you can have a wide variety of them. The idea is that you do not focus only on a few.

While you are unlocking potions, and you are having more and more, you must make those that adapt to your way of playing but without leaving any aside.

Considering that there are 12 units of maximum potions for each of the types, try to max out those potions that you use a lot in your gameplay, and keep at least two or three potions of the rest in case you end up needing them.

buy this as soon as you can

When you have access to the potions and necessities room, buy the material refiner as soon as possible because it will create 10 moonstones every 10 minutes. We can get up to 999 moonstones and it will save us a lot of time instead of having to find them in the world later.

Surely there are many more tips that we can give you in the number of hours that we have dedicated to Hogwarts Legacy, but in the previous ones you already have enough to avoid making a series of mistakes that we did at the beginning.

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