7 Things I Wish I Knew Before Playing Fire Emblem Engage

7 Things I Wish I Knew Before Playing Fire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem Engage it’s here. The brand new exclusive for Nintendo Switch returns us to the most colorful tactical combats of the genre with strength and technical power. If you’ve already got hold of the game, now there’s only one thing left to do… play it!

After Three Houses, this new Fire Emblem Engage presents us with a similar formula, but at the same time with important new features. Therefore, surely it is good for you to know these seven tips and recommendations if you are going to start playing it now.

Play with permadeath on

The permanent death It has always defined Fire Emblem and in Engage it is present, although it is an option that you can select or not. Our advice is that you do it, because, although things may get complicated for you, the experience is much more intense and sacrificial.

If the shadow of death lurks in each fight, you will play much more focused and you will become much more fond of the characters. Also, you can always use the Chronogem if everything goes to hell

Master Seals are essential

The progress of each unit is served by levels that improve their statistics, but at some point you can make them improve drastically by making them get a advanced class.

For this you must use Master Seals that you can either get in the bazaar or by defeating powerful enemies. This class upgrade grants characters upgrades like the ability to use two weapons of different classes, for example.

Avoid taking damage

Each character in a turn can deal damage to one enemy. However, this opponent is likely to counter you as well. Therefore, to avoid unnecessary damage you have to resort to breakup: Disarm your opponent by hitting them with a sword if they have an axe, with a spear if they have a sword, and with an ax if they have a spear.

That will leave you exposed. You can too shoot him from a distance with a thrown weapon with a character and then finish him off with another melee. Your units always attack first, so if your opponent is wounded, one hit should be enough to finish them off without being able to hit you.

Enhance your lasso with emblems

Upgrading the ties of each emblem allows you to acquire better weapons after fusion and unique abilities. Also, the more union you have, the more abilities you can inherit, which empowers your warriors much more than you could imagine.

If you want to improve your tie with an emblem quickly you can use the Coliseum of Somniel. There you can pay 500 Lasso Fragments to level up five hit levels.

Eat, train and gear up

In the Somniel you must always do three things to present yourself to the next battle with more power. The first thing is eat in the canteensince you will improve the statistics of several allies and on top of that you will get more support.

The second thing is train and exercise in the minigame of push-ups, sit-ups and squats. Finally, you must get new weapons, refine them and also buy healing objects to face the battles more confident of yourself.

Establish synergies between characters and emblems

Not all emblems go perfectly with all characters. There are some fusions better than others. You must know very well what weapons your heroes can wield and which ones work with the abilities of the emblem to which they are linked.

For example, Celica is perfect for mages. Ike goes well with melee warriors and Sigurd is an ideal emblem for horsemen. There are terrifyingly powerful combinations.

take advantage of detours

Fire Emblem Engage is divided into chapters, but as you complete them detours will appear. These are secondary fights, but all of them are very important, since they will allow you to achieve two things.

Some add missions with which you can recruit another character to your team and others allow direct connections to various emblems. The detours are not mandatory stops, of course, but they are highly recommended.

Of course, you can always take a look at our analysis to get to know in depth Fire Emblem Engagethe exclusive of Nintendo Switch that we have already valued so.

With Fire Emblem Engage, Nintendo Switch hosts one of the best SRPGs on the market in terms of combat. However, we see this installment as a missed opportunity to present a round classic game due to its script. the shadow of Three Houses He has played against this delivery, despite the fact that seeing Marth is always a reason for joy.