All Atomic Heart (Vasilov Complex) weapon, ammo, and consumable diagrams and where to find them

All Atomic Heart (Vasilov Complex) weapon, ammo, and consumable diagrams and where to find them

Atomic HeartMundfish’s first-person shooter that has already been released on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PC and Game Pass, has an interesting system for unlock weapons and improvements.

You will not get the weapons directly, but you will get their diagrams in the chests inside save rooms and then you must take them to the repair stations to build them. The same goes for accessories, weapon ammo, and consumables.

There is a wide variety of weapons in Atomic Heart, and you may be wondering what happens to the diagrams you leave unfound when moving from one zone to another (which you can’t return to).

Fortunately, there is good news: the diagrams they are not hidden in chests in specific locations. Instead, they are always unlocked in order: If you miss a chest, in the next you will find what you should have found earlier.

If you pass several chests, you can also find the missing diagrams in other chests that appear “spontaneously” in places of difficult loss. The ultimate goal is for you to be able to get all the chests and all the weapon schematics at the end.

All diagrams of weapons, accessories and consumables

With that being said, these are all the schematics for weapons, consumables, and accessories that you will find in the first zone of the game, the Vavilov Complex, in the order in which you should unlock them.

When you get out of it you won’t be able to go back, but it’s okay: if you missed any of these, you’ll find them again later in other chests.


-Swedish: You will find it in a save room in the Maglev tunnels: it is not lost in the main story.

-Zorro: You find it in a save room after riding the cable car. After going down, scale a wall and you will reach another closed station where you will find this axe.

-K-23: This shotgun is obtained in a save room in the warehouse, after chasing Petrov in the complex.

-Electro: It is automatically unlocked during the mission to get three lunar containers, this is next to the room with a repairman Nora

-PM: This pistol is found in the seed bank, in the chest in the safe room.

-Pashtet: This machete is still in the Vavilov Complex, after the boiler was repaired. Go through the lab and you will find the save room.


-Small capsule with Neuromed: In the second save room of the game.

-Neuromed medium capsule: When leaving the Vavilov complex, in a storage room in front of the Algae workshop.

-Adrenaline: It is a reward for completing the challenge of the four cans in the workshop.


-Shotgun shells: After reaching the Magleve station in Level 1.

-Electromagnetic cartridges for the K-23: In the warehouse during the pursuit of Petrov: there is a save room on the left.

-MP ammo: When leaving the Seed Bank, before going up the stairs, you will find the trunk.

-Electric cartridge: At the entrance to the workshop in the Vavilov complex, in a giant room full of plants.

-Ice Ammo: Inside the Algae Workshop: The save room is after the Hedgie robot breaks the window to escape.

These are all the weapons, ammunition and consumables that you will find in the first zone of Atomic Heart. Remember that if you skip one, you can get it again in chests later, even if you cannot return to the complex.