All Dead Island 2 legendary weapons and how to get them

All Dead Island 2 legendary weapons and how to get them

Zombie madness is now available on PlayStation, Xbox and PC. More than 10 years have passed since the first Dead Island, but players have not hesitated to go to stores to get hold of Dead Island 2its spectacular sequel.

The guys from Dambuster Studios offer an even crazier, bloodier and more frenetic sequelstarting with the new location in Los Diablos (a fictional version of Los Angeles).

I’m sure you already have a few fancy weapons in Dead Island 2, but did you know that there are also legendary weapons? There are eight in particular, and you will need some help to get them.

Don’t worry, because in this guide we teach you how to unlock all legendary weapons in dead island 2which will wreak havoc among the game’s zombie community.

Legendary weapons: how many are there? how do you get it?

Legendary weapons are those that leave the rest in diapers when it comes to tearing zombies to pieces. Not only that, but they have a cool name and some are downright crazy.

To get the legendary weapons in Dead Island 2, you must complete different missions, both main and secondary. Each one has a unique ability, apart from causing great damage to the undead.

There are eight legendary weapons in total, and In this guide we will show you how to get them.. We already anticipate that one of them is unlocked by completing the game (the main story).

Polluting Brutality

It is a spiked mallet that serves as a sword. It’s hard to define what it is, but its brutal effects on zombies speak for themselves. Contaminating Brutality can be unlocked if you complete Francesca’s quest arc, Body Art.

To do this you must go to Beverly Hills and start the first Body Art mission. You will find her in her garage, and you will have to get various objects to complete her mission arc.

Slashing Bloody Wrath

It’s a punch, but don’t be fooled by its appearance, because it can do real mischief. To get it you must complete the mission The gold of the idiots, in Santa Monica.

Go to the Santa Monica pier, and kill the zombie Dante (a variant of Crusher Zombie). Now you must find a container buried in the sand, which houses the weapon inside.

Krakatoa Ardiente

A legendary ax characterized by being engulfed in flames. It is amazing, and you will also learn to drive very soon. Unlocked by completing the mission Missing: Steve.

To activate the mission you must go to Ocean Avenue. In Lotusville Mall you will find a photo of Steve, as well as a proof, in order to complete the quest successfully. When you find it you will get the axe.

Emma’s wrath

It is possibly the most powerful weapon in Dead Island 2. It is obtained by completing the main story, since it is dropped by the final boss. Emma’s anger is an unrepeatable deck.

Be careful, because if you did not pick it up when you killed the final boss, you will have to claim it in any safe house. Go to the unclaimed weapons tab to get this deck.

The Lucky Bomb

Once you have completed the story of Dead Island 2, you must go to Bel-Air. Talk to Luciana’s character and complete the quest It’s not your fault.

Completing this quest will earn you this large revolver, the shots of which turn the undead in Dead Island 2 to mush. It’s almost like a hand pump.

Casualty Count

An unrepeatable assault rifle. To get the Casualty Count (or Bodycount) you must complete the side quest Censoredwhich consists of killing a unique zombie in Venice Beach.

Once you are in Venice Beach, find the unique zombie (inside a military booth), and kill him to get a file. He will give you the location of the safe, and inside it, this legendary rifle awaits you.

Chosen with Protection

A brutal katana that you will want to use again and again. Possibly the hardest legendary weapon to get, but well worth it. To get it you will have to complete all three missions for Sarah and Sebastian.

To activate this quest arc, you will need to go to the Blue Crab Safehouse, in Venice Beach. Respond to the radio prompt to start these side quests, which provide you with this legendary katana.

life of the party

They’re brass knuckles that unleash fiery attacks… which should be enough to get you scouring Los Diablos up and down in search of them. To get it you must complete the Drunkard and Troublemaker missions.

To activate this mission you must go to Ocean Avenue. The target is at the Venice Beach Pier where you will get this legendary weapon wonder.

Dead Island 2 is available from April 21 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One y PC. In just three days, the Dambuster Studios and Deep Silver title has managed to sell one million copies worldwide.

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