All decisions in High on Life and their consequences

All decisions in High on Life and their consequences

As the culmination of a great year 2022 we have come across High on Life, the new game from the co-creator of Rick and Morty at Squanch Games, which also It is one of the funniest titles of recent years. It’s loaded with black humor, crazy situations, and very accessible gunplay.

High on Life is a first-person shooter that bets on humor and a variety of situations, not to mention that all the weapons in the game speak. It is not for nothing that it is the most popular game on Xbox Game Pass and Steam.

Throughout the plot of High on Life We can make a number of decisions. These will not have an impact on the end of the game, but they will have an impact on the settings that we can visit and in the course of the plot.

If your curiosity is piqued and you don’t know what to answer to each question, here we leave you with all the decisions we can make at High on Lifeand their respective consequences.

All decisions (and their consequences) in High on Life

Whether or not to have a personal assistant

Really has no real consequences in the plot You can have it whether you accept it or not, although in a different way. Answer what best suits your way of being (or the opposite).

Which alien is more attractive?

Two aliens will ask you which one is more handsome, and depending on your answer you will be able to access a specific door.

These are the possible responses and their consequences:

  • The blue: You can enter through the blue door, but the red one will remain closed.
  • None: the blue alien will keep insisting until you answer.
  • The Red: at first he won’t believe it, so blue will ask you again. If you stick to your decision, you will be able to go through the red door, but the blue one will be closed forever.

Who can kill a child?

Suddenly, an alien child will block your way and start insulting you. You can choose between two options, represented by the child himself and by your partner.

Attention to the two decisions:

  • shoot the kid: once done, Kenny explains why High on Life is not a game for everyone. The young man’s mother will not hold a grudge against you.
  • Do not shoot: the boy will continue insulting you until you meet his mother, who will thank you and explain why he is such a thug. Then you can go back and shoot him, if you want.

the alien fisherman

  • What are you doing here?: he will explain that he is fishing
  • Who is 9-Torg?: good option to prepare for the mission
  • What is it like to live here?: he will give you the ember with his personal situation
  • Do you know where 9-Torg is?: will give you the right direction to complete the mission

Buyer or not?

There are four possible answers, although none of them is relevant, since they will open the door for you anyway:

  • I’m here to wash my clothes
  • No, I am not the buyer
  • I’m your love Stevulax, back from the dead
  • yes i am the buyer

boss or employee

You will be asked if you are the new boss or an employee when you arrive at Administrative Services. You can answer several things, none of which are relevant to the plot or the quest.

  • I’m the new employee
  • I’m the new boss
  • I am looking for Krubis (you will have to choose one of the other two options)

alien closed

While searching for Krubis, you come across a captured G3 alien. You can choose between the following questions:

  • Do you know where we can find a blank warp disk?: they will tell you that the prince has one.
  • What is your plan?: they will ask you to save their prince.
  • Who is the Chosen Prince?: they will give you the information you need (only unlocked with the previous option)

Where does Gene live?

When you arrive at your house after defeating Krubis, you will find your sister terrified by the good-natured alien named Gene. She will ask you to throw him out of the house, and you can make different decisions:

  • gene stays: Your sister will be upset, although she will start talking to Gene about an alien she is dating. You can then choose between two other dialogue options without consequences.
  • gene must go: the alien will get angry with you and will threaten to take away everything he lent you, but in the end there will be no more consequences (and they will start talking about the same topic of conversation).

the old town

Upon reaching Old Town, you will meet an elderly alien who you can ask these questions:

  • What is this place?: it will tell you the history of Old Town (the old town)
  • Why do they call you Ole’ Wet Grundy?: he will wonder about the rarity of his nickname
  • Where is Ciudad Escoria?: it will explain where you should go in the next mission
  • Do you know where Douglas is?: it will tell you that it is nearby, but without revealing its location

Music lover

Once you get to Old Town, an alien will ask you if you want to listen to his music, to which you can answer the following:

  • That seems fine to me: the alien will sing for you.
  • No, thanks: the alien will get angry and will not speak to you again.

cover ourselves with slime

When you arrive at the G3 recruiting center, an alien will tell you that you can only pass if you get covered in slime. You can answer this:

  • give us the drool: it will cover you with a sticky substance, and you will be able to continue the mission.
  • No, thanks: the alien will not speak to you again.

push the trigger

You can choose whether to fight Douglas or face off against an AI suit he made himself. In the same way, you will have to solve the puzzle, either before or after.

  • Shoot: even if he dies, you will have to solve the puzzle afterwards, and face an AI suit made by him.
  • solve the puzzle: once you do, Douglas will attack you and reveal his identity (Kenny was right).

The attractive (or not) Tweeg

Tweeg is your sister Lizzie’s new boyfriend, but Gene doesn’t want him to come to your house. You can either take Lizzie’s side or join Gene’s side in this discussion.

  • Uhh… Tweeg is probably hot?: This answer will open a new discussion, because Gene will get angry. You can choose between the options Gene, stay out of his business. o Gene is just trying to help.
  • Uhh… Tweeg is probably ugly?: nothing relevant will happen.

Tweeg can stay (or not)

You can choose to let Lizzie’s boyfriend stay home or let him go. Depending on what you choose, some dialogues or others will be shown, and in some way you will be positioning yourself in the discussion.

These are the possible answers:

  • tweeg must go
  • tweeg can stay: A discussion with Gene will take place later, and you can choose between gene is pathetic y Gene’s just working on a few things. As a result of this you can decide if Tweeg moves into your house or not.

Dr. Giblets

When you meet a red alien, you can ask him about Dr. Giblets, who is the next prominent character in the plot.

You can ask him the following:

  • We need to find Dr. Giblets.: It will tell you who you should talk to to advance in the mission.
  • Would you accept a bribe?: He tells you that he would, but that it’s not worth dying for.
  • Do you know the G3?: will tell you everything about this organization
  • ¿What were you doing last night?: He will tell you what they did the night before.

The employee

As you enter the High on Life store, you will be able to ask the clerk a variety of questions, but remember that you are still looking for Dr. Giblets.

These are the questions you can ask:

  • Where can we find Dr. Giblets?: will tell you that he is never around, to which you can reply Tell us where Dr. Giblets is.
  • So you’re the director here?: will explain who really is
  • Do you like hyperbongs?: will tell you why hyperbongs are immoral

men in black

These two aliens in suits work for Clugg, and you can ask them who they are, or about the search mission you’re running.

It does not matter which of the two questions you choose, because they will lead to the same thing:

  • So who are you?
  • Who sends you?

Next they will tell you yes we are friends with him o No fuck, he’s just been helping us, to which you can reply: Do you want us to kill him? o We already planned to kill him.

You will then be asked to go speak to Clugg in person.

dying alien

While searching for Dr. Giblets, you will come across a dying alien who asks you to stay with him as he dies.

These are the two actions you can choose:

  • Stay with the alien until it dies: It looks like it dies, but it’s actually a trick. As soon as you leave, he will tell you to stay again. You can shoot him if you want.
  • go away and leave him alone: the alien will beg you to come back.

Conversation with Gene

Gene asks you to have a conversation, because something has happened in our absence. You can choose between three options.

You can choose the three questions, because after all it is a way to get information.

  • The bad news: Lizzie has left home with Tweeg.
  • Anything else: he won’t know what to tell you.
  • The good news: there isn’t, it was just a lie from Gene.

talking to kenny

When you go to look for your sister Lizzie, Kenny will tell you that he needs to talk to you. Before he tells you what’s going on, you can choose between three answers.

You can then choose different dishes based on the answer you give at Space Applebees.

  • Not now
  • I am hungry
  • clear

By choosing I’m Hungry, the conversation with Kenny will flow as the waiter offers us drinks, appetizers, and main courses.

These are all the dishes available during the conversation:

  • Long Island Iced Tea
  • Captain Cahama Mama
  • white peach sangria
  • Boneless Crispy Wings
  • Chicken Quesadillas
  • Spinach and artichoke dip
  • Sirloin steak with pepper
  • Thai Shrimp Salad
  • Blackened Cajun Salmon

talking to lizzie

The mission will take you to a ship, where Lizzie and Tweeg are arguing. You can get into the conversation and choose between three options.

These are the answers you can give:

  • Looks like you and Tweeg…