All Hogwarts Legacy potions: recipes, ingredients and everything you need to know

All Hogwarts Legacy potions: recipes, ingredients and everything you need to know

It is essential that you specialize in the art of potionsin addition to spells, to succeed in the Hogwarts Legacy adventure.

While we don’t have a wide range of potions in Hogwarts LegacyYes, it is convenient that you know about their preparation and use so that you can take advantage of them from the beginning.

That is why we have created this guide to potions in Hogwarts Legacy where we are also going to give you the recipe for each of them, the ingredients that make them up and some tricks to enhance them.

And once you have a steady stream of Hogwarts Legacy potions, you’ll be much more fearsome in combat and go much further.

All Hogwarts Legacy potions: recipes, ingredients and everything you need to know

Basically to get potions, you can buy them from merchants, something much more direct and simple, although it requires money, or you can make them yourself.

And although it is recommended that at first you buy some other potion from the merchants, it is essential to have the recipes and prepare them yourself.

To do this you need to have the corresponding recipes that you can buy at Pippin’s shop in Hogsmeade.

potion list

  • Herbovitalizing Potion: Brewed with x1 Horklump Juice and x1 Dictamus Leaves, it restores a bit of health as an effect.
  • The Invisibility Potion: Crafted with x1 Jumping Bowler Hat, 1x Knotweed Branch, and 1x Troll Slime. As an effect it makes you invisible.
  • Edurus Potion: created with 1x ashwinder egg and 1x mongrel fur, and as an effect, it improves defense.
  • Thunderbrew: Crafted from 1x Leech Juice, 1x Dried Fig, and 1x Stink of the Dead, it creates a storm of lightning around it that damages and breaks enemies’ shields.
  • Concentration Potion – Crafts from 1x Chrysopus, 1x Descurainia Stalk, and 1x Dugbog’s Tongue and reduces spell cooldown.
  • Potion Felix Felicis: is created with 1x Chrysopus and 1x stem of descuraina sophia, and reveals the locations of large chests on the map during one day.
  • Ultimate Potion – Crafted from 1x Leech Juice and 1x Spider Fang, it temporarily increases spell damage.

Besides, if we want to improve the potions above, we must use talents, specifically, the following can be improved:

  • Concentration Potion (level 22) increases its duration while it is active.
  • The maximum potency potency (level 16) where attacks do more damage and break any shields.
  • The potency of the edurus potion (level 5) where it makes you invulnerable to attacks from enemies.
  • Invisibility potion (level 5) can be boosted where it lasts the longest.
  • You can empower the Thunderbrew (level 22) and the range and damage of the storm are increased.

And finally, to have a constant flow of potionsyou must go to Tomes and Scrolls and buy the T-shaped potion stand and the jumping pot.

  • To do this you must create 4x T-shaped potion stands, and each stand has three places to make potions. With this you can make 12 potions at the same time and have up to 28 holes.
  • You then need 3x Jumping Pots, which brew a random potion every time, and work just like any other plant.

The idea is to collect plants while the potions are brewing and brew potions while the plants are coming out again.

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