All Hogwarts Legacy Spells And How To Unlock Them

All Hogwarts Legacy Spells And How To Unlock Them

Although it officially launches tomorrow, Hogwarts Legacy is now available on PCSteam Deck, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S thanks to early access and players are eager to discover everything, starting with the spells available in the game.

During class time at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, they will be able to learn all kinds of spells, enchantments and curses; plus a few unforgivable curses.

They are learned by attending class, completing story quests, and completing extra tasks for teachers, as they are useful in combat and for locating Field Guide pages, caring for beasts, and many other tasks.

Bearing this in mind, we are going to explain how to get all spells -except the Unforgivable Curses- and what each of them does in the game.

Los spells at hogwarts they are related to school subjects: transfiguration, enchantments, herbology, etc. Even the potions master has a few spells to teach you beyond just brewing concoctions.

To learn a spell, you have to draw a pattern with a city and if the red lightning hits you, you have to start over. If everything is done correctly and at the right time, there is even a speed increase.

All Hogwarts Legacy Spells And How To Unlock Them

All the tasks are worth doing after going to a class for the first time, but most of the spells are not necessary to progress through the main story.

Here are all the spells, from whom they are obtained and their uses, first of all keep in mind that some of them can only be used in specific rooms.

Spell How is it achieved? What are you doing?
Repair Professor Ronan’s First Task fix broken items
Fire Professor Hecat’s First Task Fire spell, used to light torches or destroy cobwebs
Leviosa Lesson in Defense Against the Dark Arts Levitation
action charms class summons an object
Disappointment Find secrets in the restricted section Invisibility
Let’s drive out Professor Hecat’s Second Task Disarm your opponent
I was knocked down Professor Sharp’s First Assignment pushes an object/opponent
I divide Professor Shrap’s Second Task slashing/slashing attack
Break From Sebastion in the basement explosive fire attack
Wingardium Leviosa Professor Garlick’s First Afternoon Levitation with greater control
Flipping Segunda tarea del profesor Garlick Flip enemies/objects
Ice Primera tarea de Madame Kogawa Freezes water, can be used in water or fire
Allohomorous Quest for the Caretaker’s Moonwail Opens door locks, can be improved
Momentum stop Segunda tardea de Madame Kogawa Slows down enemies and objects
Going down Professor Onai’s first task Slam the target into the ground
Bombard Professor Howin Homework Does high, explosive damage
Total petrification Secrets of the restricted section When using Disillusion, sneak up on an enemy for a silent tether attack.
Transformation Professor Weasley’s Homework Change the target to an alternate form

Later you get the talents in Hogwarts Legacy, which are used to enhance spells. By doing so we become more difficult to detect by being invisible, for example.

A Talent Point can be earned in the game every time you level up and you can even explore upgrades for the dark arts, so check them out whenever they’re available.

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