All Marvel Snap card abilities and best examples: Continuous, Destroy, Move…

All Marvel Snap card abilities and best examples: Continuous, Destroy, Move...

start playing Marvel Snap It can be a bit overwhelming, with so many different cards and their various effects (although here is a guide with a selection of the best starting cards in the game).

But if you dare with this free to play on mobile iOS y Android, soon you will get the hang of it and you will make plays and combos by intuition, even if you do not know in depth how the cards work or what types there are. That’s what well-designed games have!

In this Marvel Snap guide we are going to shed some light on a fundamental aspect to understand how the match: all the effects (When Revealed, Continuous, Destroy, Move…) and what are the best cards in each case.

All Marvel Snap card abilities and best examples

How are the Marvel Snap cards divided? There are several ways to distinguish them: by cost (from 1 to 6) that determines when you can play them, in what turn (under normal conditions); by pool or series (Pool 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, plus starting cards and “Pool 0”); and by skills.

Here we will focus on the six types of Marvel Snap cards based on their abilitiesthat is, the effects they produce on their own cards, on other cards, on the opponent, on the location or even on the game itself:

Abilities are key to getting the most out of Marvel Snap, and while there are No Ability cards, players prefer cards with abilities to build combos. In fact, some No Ability cards are recommended if you play them in tandem with other cards with abilities that buff them, as we’ll see later.

Next, we’ll introduce you to the six types of abilities and good starting cards you can use with them (cards you can unlock right away or in your first few games).

When Revealed

On Reveal is the most common ability of Marvel Snap cards. It is actually a very broad term that includes effects of all kinds, but that they will only activate on the turn you play themand when they are revealed (depending on who has more power in the game, they will be revealed before or after the opponent).

These cards can be of any number of types (including the Move, Destroy, or Discard types below). There’s no need to highlight Upon Reveal cards because they’re the most common, and in your starting deck you’ll already have cards like Medusa, Hawkeye, or Star-Lord.

Yes, there are other cards with good synergies. For example, odinone of the first 6 cost cards you unlock, retriggers the effects of all other Revealed cards you already have in that location: choose good Revealed cards in your deck, play them in one location, and save yourself Odin! for the end to benefit from its effects twice!


Cards with a Continual effect are the opposite of On Reveal: their effect doesn’t last only when they are revealed, but lasts for the entire game (unless your opponent plays counter cards, such as Enchantresswhich removes the Continuous effects of your cards at that location).

That means the effects can be increased during the game… or decreased. Iron Man, for example, will always double your points at that location. If you add more points in the following turns, it will also double them… but if a card is destroyed from one turn to the next, its effect will decrease.

In the same way, there are both counters and synergies between different cards. For example, Wong it is a card from Pool 3 with a Continuous effect… which what it does is activate twice the Reveal abilities of the other cards you put in that location. Just one of the many examples of combos between cards, even of different types!


Cards with no ability are rare, and they usually make up for it with lots of power. Cyclops, Hulk, Misty Knight or Abomination are some examples of your starting cards.

Although they are apparently not that interesting, there are some cards that enhance them, such as Patriot o Zero (both from Pool 3), one gives +2 power to unability cards, and the other is a potent 1 cost, 3 power with the unfortunate fact that the next card you play won’t have abilities… so which is the ideal time to put a card that no longer has abilities.

Rule out

The next three effects are more specific, and can have cards with On Reveal or Continuous effects. In the case of cards with discard effects, such as Blade o Sword Masterit makes up for its unusual power (1-3 and 3-6) with the misfortune of discarding a card from your deck.

But the effects of discarding (almost always random) cards from your deck don’t always have to be bad. Morbius will gain +2 energy for each card you discard in the game (and it’s a continuous effect), Ghost Rider automatically play a card you discarded earlier.

And some cards you discard can return to your deck with more strength: Swarmcost 2 and power 3, will return to our deck with two copies of power 3, and cost 0, and if you discard Apocalypse (6/8), (you can force discard it with Sif) it returns to your hand with +4 power


Cards that you can move freely, such as Visionallow you to move them from one location to another, allowing you to strategically move them around the board and make your opponent dizzy so they won’t know where to counter you.

But cards that can be moved freely are rare. Typically, there are cards with On Reveal or Continuous effects that allow you and your opponent to exceptionally move cards next turn (such as Cloak), or have them automatically moved by your card, such as Doctor Strange (which “summons”) the highest-powered card in play to that location, or Heimdallwhich moves all your other cards to one location to the left.


There are also cards that can destroy your opponent’s cards… or even your own cards to buff yourself. Venom y Carnage are two cards that “sacrifice” other cards you’ve played in that location to boost themselves with more power.

Other cards, like Elektra o Killmongerallow you to destroy your opponent’s cards: Elektra destroys your opponent’s 1-cost cards… but Killmonger destroys ALL 1-cost cards in play, his and his.

But having cards destroyed can also be good. Nova, cost 1-1, can be good to sacrifice, because if they destroy it, it will give your cards +1 power. if they kill Deadpool (1-1) will return to your hand with double the power. and their kill Bucky Barnes (2-1)….will summon Winter Soldier instead, a card you won’t be able to play otherwise.

Here we leave you with the complete guide to Marvel Snap, the free to play card game on iOS and Android, and other articles such as Nick Fury or Zero’s target decks, best discard strategies, how to get Season Pass cards without paying or the best deck with the Guardians of the Galaxy.

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