All Persona 3 Portable social links unlocked through social stats

All Persona 3 Portable social links unlocked through social stats

It is important that we understand how social links work on Persona 3 Portable and under official statistics that identify each of the characters.

And it is that we must improve the friendship in several parameters with the characters while we are completing main objectives of Persona 3 Portable.

In Persona 3 Portable, male and female characters have different requirements to unlock relationships with others and it is convenient that you know the social links associated with official statistics.

And it is that the male and female protagonist of Persona 3 Portable have a different number of social links blocked in their statistics, and in most cases raising a stat to rank 2, 4 or 6 unlocks a new social link.

All Persona 3 Portable social links unlocked through social stats

Academic social ties

2 Bebe Bebe
4 Akinari Kamiki Akinari Kamiki
6 Mitsuru Kirijo Mitsuru Kirijo

As you can see, both the male and female protagonists get the same rewards for reaching the ranks, so it is not worth highlighting anything about it since they are the same.

Charisma Social Links

2 Nozomi Suemitsu President Tanaka
4 President Tanaka Akihiko Sanada
6 Yukari Takeba

Here we already see wide differences because in rank 2 it is different for the male and female character, and on top of that the male character has three relationships unlocked while the female character only has two.

Social bonds for courage

2 Mutatsu Fuuka Yamagishi
4 Mamoru Hayase Mutatsu
6 Fuuka Yamagishi Ken Beloved

We also see wide differences here and yet there are a series of exclusive relationships for both the male and female characters when reaching the different ranks.

With this in mind, you will already be able to know what awaits you as you unlock the different ranks, be it by courage, charisma or academics in Persona 3 Portable.