All Portal RTX codes and what special cubes they unlock

All Portal RTX codes and what special cubes they unlock

Surely at some point in your life as a gamer you have tried Portal, Valve’s classic dimensional puzzle game for PC. Otherwise, you have a golden opportunity with the Complementary Collection compilation for Nintendo Switch or the new RTX version for compatible.

Portal RTX is the best possible homage to the 2007 classic. It not only offers Ray Tracing effects for RTX graphics, but also It also incorporates some new playable.

One of them is the QR codes, which are hidden in different areas of each scenario. with these codes you can unlock (thanks to command console) different skins for the cubes.

If you do not know how to find these codes or you simply want to save this step, then we leave you with all the RTX Portal codes to unlock the special cubes.

Unlock the special cubes and open the command console

Apart from the new Ray Tracing effects and other technical innovations, it is now possible to find different QR codes in the scenes of Portal. Notice: This is a free update to the original 2007 Portal, available on Steam.

As you already know, QR codes can be easily deciphered with our smartphone’s camera. Of course, some mobiles do not have an integrated scanner, and you need to download a specific app.

In Portal RTX there are ocho skins for special cubes, and four complementary. To unlock them you need to find the corresponding codes.

Below we share the complete list of codes, which you must enter in the command console of Portal RTX. However, we also explain how to do it manually.

In the Portal RTX scenarios we will find different QR codes. For example, one hides under the radio, in the first level of the game.

Once we find one of these QR codes, we must decipher it with our smartphone… which will take us to a Google link. There we can get the code that we must enter in the command console.

To open the RTX Portal command console you must hold down ALT and the X key. This will open a menu on the right side of the screen.

Go into Developer settings menuand then tap on About (located at the top). Finally, select the tab secretswhere you can enter the following codes:

  • black meat: orange and brown rock-like cube. It is based on Black Mesa, an early Half-Life mod that uses the Source engine.
  • cavejohnson: A mesh cube that alternates the colors white and blue.
  • directillumination: Change the Aperture Science logo to red skulls.
  • fullypathtraced: cubes that mix the aesthetics of Portal 2 with the lens of a camera.
  • jensen: a special cube that seems to be made of rocks.
  • omniverse kit: Cube that replaces the Aperture Science logo with rings of light.
  • physicallybased: Adds an ice surface to the cube.
  • 40series– Cube that replaces the original look with that of an RXT Series 40 graphics card.
  • bridge: complementary cube that replaces the original faces with hearts.
  • caroline: a fancy version of the complementary cube.
  • deliciousandmoist: a version of the complementary cube made of wood.
  • themoreyoubuythemoreyousave: a version of the complementary cube made of ceramic.

These are all the codes that you can use in the command console of Portal RTX, which will give you access to the skins for each cube. You can also obtain them via QR codes in-game.

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