All Resident Evil 4 Remake weapons and which is the best in each category

All Resident Evil 4 Remake weapons and which is the best in each category

The arrival of Leon S Kennedy in rural Spain is full of infected, and makes the use of any type of weapon essential to survive in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Leon has access to a lot of types of weapons that he can use to eliminate all the infected in Resident Evil 4 Remake, some more recommended weapons, depending on the moment in which we find ourselves and the enemies we face.

Among the dozens of weapons that we have available in Resident Evil 4 Remakewe are going to recommend the best ones for each of the confrontations and moments of the adventure.

And it is likely that that weapon that you have put aside in Resident Evil 4 Remake is key so you can keep moving forward.

All Resident Evil 4 Remake weapons and which is the best in each category


Top three pistols in the game:

  • Red9 – S-Tier
  • Blacktail – S-Tier
  • SG-09 R – A-Tier

It is an excellent firearm, sometimes underestimated, that can get us out of any trouble, that shoots relatively quickly and is precise enough to be able to hit enemies in the head and do more damage.


This would be the three best shotguns in the game:

  • Striker – S-Tier
  • Riot Gun – B-Tier
  • W-870 – C-Tier

Thanks to the shotgun we can blow the heads off enemies or hit several with a single shot, so don’t hesitate to use them at short and medium distance, or when you have enemies very close, especially aiming at their heads.


These are the three best rifles in the game:

  • Stingray – S-Tier
  • CQBR – B-Tier
  • SR M1903 – C-Tier

They have a semi-automatic design, great firepower, very high rate of fire and good accuracy, and although they sometimes seem to take a little life out of enemies, it is essential to use them when surrounded.

submachine guns

The best submachine guns in the game:

  • LE 5 – A-Tier
  • Chicago Sweeper – A-Tier
  • TMP – B-Tier

They are good to get us out of trouble or as support or secondary weapons, so do not leave them aside.


The three best Magnums we have in the game:

  • Killer7 – A-Tier
  • Handcannon – B-Tier
  • Broken Butterfly – C-Tier

One of the most powerful weapons, with good firing speed, precision, but above all power, capable of blowing the heads off most enemies, or even hitting several with a single shot, essential for those big confrontations against the bosses.


These are the three best knives in the game:

  • Primal Knife – S-Tier
  • Fighting Knife – A-Tier
  • Combat Knife – B-Tier

If we do not have ammunition, we will only have the relevant knife to survive, and it is also a good way to save ammunition.

Realize that using the knife is quite risky, so use it when you have some medicinal herbs on you.

other weapons

The following stand out:

  • Infinite Rocket Launcher – S-Tier
  • Bolt Thrower – A-Tier
  • Rocket Launcher – B-Tier

The rocket launcher is one of those options that will allow us to get maximum shot damage throughout the game, while the bolt launcher is ideal for stealthy confrontations.

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