All Road 96 Mile 0 Endings and Viewing Requirements

All Road 96 Mile 0 Endings and Viewing Requirements

One of the most special indies of 2021 was Road 96 (whose prequel is Road 96 Mile 0), an adventure developed by Digixart that dazzled us on Nintendo Switch and PC. A few months ago he made the leap to PlayStation and Xbox, thus closing the circle of a great trip through Petria.

We can’t wait to see how the story continues… but at least we know what happens first. A few days ago, Road 96 Mile 0, a notable prequel, arrived in stores.

Road 96 Mile 0 tells us the origin story between Zoe and Kaitotwo teenagers who want to escape from their lives, and who are in radically opposite social strata.

Like a good narrative adventure, Road 96 Mile 0 has several endings depending on the decisions we make. We reveal the requirements for each of the four finals.

Road 96 Mile 0 endings and how to unlock them

Road 96 Mile 0 has four different endings, which mark the conclusion of the adventure. They are nothing alike, and in fact give rise to different interpretations of what Road 96 (the 2021 original) is.

In order to see all the endings of the game, it is necessary to make different decisions in the final stretch. If you make a mistake at a certain point, it may not show the ending you are looking for.

If we talk about the possible outcomes of Road 96 Mile 0, the game has four different ones: the very bad (or worst) ending, the sad ending, the bad (or lonely) ending, and the good (or best) ending.

How to unlock each one? In this guide we explain the decisions and requirements that you must take into account. Attention SPOILERS.

the worst ending

This is the most devastating and tragic end of the game. To unlock it, you must make the decision to To call the police (as Zoe) to deliver Kaito.

This makes the young Kaito decide become a Dark Brigade. It is then when Zoe and Kaito face each other… the young man being the winner.

the sad ending

It’s not such a bad ending, and it’s actually very similar to the previous one. However, this does not mean that it is not a sad ending for Road 96 Mile 0. To achieve it you must do the following: first, don’t call the police.

However, Kaito must become a Dark Brigade, which will trigger the fight between the two. This time, Zoe will be able to beat the young man.

Final bit

The “less bad” ending, not counting the good ending, of course. In this denouement, Zoe decides to call the Police, which puts Kaito in a compromise… but she finally decides not becoming a Dark Brigade.

In the fight between Zoe and Kaito, our protagonist manages to defeat the boydespite the fact that it did not become a fearsome Brigade.

Good ending (the best possible)

This is the best possible ending to Road 96 Mile 0, and the only one that really shows an optimistic outcome.

To unlock the good ending, Zoe decides not to call the police. to deliver Kaito. This makes the young refused to become a Dark Brigade…but does not prevent combat. Kaito defeats Zoe, but the outcome is the most hopeful.

Road 96 Mile 0 is available from April 4 at PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch y PC. As for the original, we remind you that Road 96 is available on Game Pass.

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