All Sons of the Forest cheats and codes with the command console and what they do

All Sons of the Forest cheats and codes with the command console and what they do

A new king has arrived in the survival game genre, who is willing to surpass what Rust, Ark or Valheim achieved years ago. Sons of the Forestsequel to the cult game The Forest, is now available in early access for PC, via Steam.

In its first 24 hours, Sons of the Forest has already sold two million copies on the Valve platform. It’s more, Steam has already crashed and it is one of the most watched games on Twitch.

And that is not even available in its final version. Sons of the Forest lives its early access since last Thursday, February 23, and you can buy it for 28.99 euros.

In Sons of the Forest we can open the command console, and gain access to new functions through the use of codes. These are all we can use.

Command console: all the codes and what they are for

Sons of the Forest is available in Early Access on Steam. The early access version is estimated to last between six and eight months, so the final version for PC could be released later this year, 2023.

Through the game settings menu it is possible to enable Big Head modewhich basically gives you administrator rights in Sons of the Forest.

What is this function for? It allows you access the game command consolewhich in turn provides a series of advantages over other users.

Once you enable this mode, just you must press the enter key (at any time) to open the chat. This popup does double duty as it also gives access to the command console.

By entering different codes, Sons of the Forest allows you to change game elements, modify aspects of the server, kick players, save the game and much more.

We distinguish between two kinds of commands: those that can be used by all players (after enabling Big Head mode), and those that are exclusive to administrators in the early access version.

We share them below all the commands and what each one is for:

Commands for all players

  • /help – Shows all available commands.
  • /save [slot number 1-5] – Save the game in the selected slot.
  • /restart – Resets all server values, from user information to saves.
  • /shutdown – Close the game server.
  • /ban [steam id] – Banish a Steam user.
  • /kick [steam id] – Invite a Steam user.
  • /treeregrowmode – 10% trees grow while players sleep.
  • /allowbuildingdestruction – Allows the destruction of buildings and structures.
  • /allowenemiescreative – Allows the creation of enemies in creative mode.
  • /openlogs – Shows all records.
  • /closelogs – Closes all records.

Commands for Administrators

  • difficulty [Peaceful/Normal/Hard/HardSurvival] – Set the selected difficulty on the game server.
  • veganFashion [on/off] – Eliminates all enemies (On) or restores them (Off).
  • vegetarianMode [on/off] – Eliminates all enemies by day (On) or restores them (Off).
  • resetHolesMode [on/off] – Eliminates all holes (On) or restores them (Off).
  • allowCheats [on/off] – Allows or prohibits the use of command console cheats.
  • saveFolderPath – Determines the directory path for all manual saves.
  • targetFpsIdle [FPS] – Sets the fps (frames per second) limit while players are offline.
  • targetFpsActive [FPS] – Sets the fps (frames per second) limit while players are connected to the server.
  • configfilepath – Determines the directory path for all configuration changes.
  • realisticPlayerDamage [on/off] – Allows a higher level of damage received on the game server, depending on the weapons used.

These are all the codes that you can enter in the command console from Sons of the Forest. Remember that seconds are only available to administrators.

The Endnight Games title is available in early access for PC, via Steam. In case you want to play it and you don’t have a compatible device, its predecessor, The Forest, is available on PS4.

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