All summons of Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion and how to get them

All summons of Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion and how to get them

The arrival of Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion It has been a blessing for lovers of the Final Fantasy license, and with it certain memories we had when we originally played the seventh installment of the series.

Well then, thanks to Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion we are going to be able to control Zack in a new adventure in which there will be plenty of license ingredients including the happy invocations.

In total we counted in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion with 11 summons, each one is unlocked in a different way and under a particular side mission, and that is why we have created this guide so that you can go directly to them.

We are also going to clarify what all the summons do in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion, so that you know which one to use at the right time in each of the combats.

All summons of Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion and how to get them

The 11 summons of Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion, how to get them and what each of them do:


It is obtained during the mission of Zack in Wutai in the first chapters. First you will have to defeat ifrit in that location for the first time, and then in the secondary mission M1-1-1 of the revenge, if you defeat him, you will be rewarded with this summoning materia that when used deals fire damage to all enemies. enemies.


It is located in the city of Banora. Once you defeat him for the first time, you have to complete the side quest M8-1-3 to unlock another side quest for the rematch and if you beat him, he will join as materia.


It is granted to you by completing the side mission M8-1-6, and its ability is capable of instantly killing all enemies in combat, with a chance of success that increases as the matter levels up.


It is obtained in Nibelheim in chapter 9 as part of the side mission of the seven wonders. Specifically, you find her in the city’s water tower and her special ability deals magic damage to enemies.

Bahamut’s Fury

To obtain it you must fight with it up to three times. The first time during the main story and then twice in side missions.

You can find him on the northwest side of the map in the M8-5-6 mission and his ability deals non-elemental damage.

Cait Sith

The summon can be obtained in the mission M8-4-3, and thanks to its megaphone ability, the character is granted various status improvements.


It is found by completing Chapter 5 of the main story and then in the M3-1-3 mission in the north of the map. Completing this mission will unlock M10-1, which is a set of side missions. As soon as you have completed them, the summon will be unlocked, which is capable of bombarding enemies with sharp needles, inflicting great damage.

hello magic

It is found for the first time during the mission M10-2-3, and to obtain it you must perform a series of actions during the encounter in the order of jump, fire, gravity and assault tornado, and using it can grant rare items to the character.


Unlocked after completing the M8-4-1 mission, this summon allows you to stomp on enemies on the battlefield.


Once you get it naturally in-game, Zack’s materia can be leveled up.


He is found in the M6-1-5 side quest and defeating him will unlock the M10-2 quest line. Completing this series of quests will unlock the summon materia.

Now you know how to get and what each of the summons in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion do.

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