All the Disney Dreamlight Valley codes and what they unlock

All the Disney Dreamlight Valley codes and what they unlock

Disney Dreamlight Valley It was released months ago in early access: the “The Sims + Stardew Valley + Disneyland” game is available (for a fee, unless you have Game Pass) on PC, Xbox, PS5, PS4 and Nintendo Switch, before its release as free to play in 2023.

However, since its launch, the code redemption function in Disney Dreamlight Valley was useless, because the developer had not released any promotional codes.

These kinds of codes are often very useful to unlock exclusive items or coins, but there are no codes… until now. The first code It has been discovered by the community… and it has not been easy to find it. Do you want to see what it unlocks?

First Disney Dreamlight Valley code… but what?

Do you see the photo that illustrates the news, with the Halloween costume? Look at the wood of the bench, on the right… and you will see a code written.

This is the following code, currently the only known Disney Dreamlight Valley code. To redeem it, open the Pause menu, Options tab on the far right, and look for the slot to redeem promo codes.

  • GPOT-OATO-LDFS-ENNM – golden potato

Yes. The code will give you a golden potato, which will arrive by mail. It is just that, a golden potato. But no one knows what it is for. You can’t cook it, you can’t plant it, you can’t get rid of it, because it’s classified as a quest item.

Will it be something that makes sense later? Will you be releasing other promo codes hidden in the Disney Dreamlight Valley promotional material and images? At the moment, the developers seem to be having a better time than us… but hey, at least we have a golden potato here.

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Finally, here we leave you our analysis of Disney Dreamlight Valley, available on PC, Xbox Game Pass for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch (in early access).