All the emotions of The Sims 4, how to provoke them and what each one is useful for

All the emotions of The Sims 4, how to provoke them and what each one is useful for

It is essential that we understand the emotions in The Sims 4, a fun and unique feature that brings our characters to life.

The emotions in the sims 4 They are affected by life events, your social interactions, traits and much more.

Furthermore, the emotions of our characters of The Sims 4 change the way each of them approach activities and interfere in a positive or negative way.

Most of the emotions have several stages, a normal state and an increased state, and depending on the actions we do in The Sims 4 we can increase or decrease each of the emotions to control the sims.

All the emotions of The Sims 4, how to provoke them and what each one is useful for

We are going to talk to you about all the emotions that exist in The Sims 4, what they consist of and how they can be provoked:

Feel good

It is the default option if you hardly make an effort to interact with the character, he basically does not feel anything in particular.


By being happy, our characters can complete activities and social interactions much easier, also increasing positive emotions.

To make our characters happy you must cover all their needs, but they can also have successful social interactions, listen to their favorite type of music, enjoy their favorite food or have the cheerful trait.


If your character is inspired, he will have more success in his efforts and creations such as painting, writing, cooking or playing instruments, among others. Also a sim inspired you can get improvements in your skills when you perform creative tasks.

To enhance this emotion you can see art, observe the clouds or the stars or have the creative trait.

Feel safe

By having that security and confidence, our character will find it easier to perform all kinds of tasks, be they professional or home, and to enhance this trait you can make him speak in front of the mirror, create masterpieces of his specialization, complete successful repairs, get in shape or have the trait of self-assurance.


Being energized means that they have a lot of energy and perform tasks and activities more quickly, and also their energy level depletes at a much slower rate. If you want to enhance this emotion you can drink caffeinated drinks, eat protein-rich foods, exercise or have the active trait.


Flirty characters are more likely to use romantic social interactions when conversing with others, and they are also more successful in each of these interactions.

If you want to enhance the flirty emotion, you can watch romantic shows, have flirty conversations, look in the mirror, are close to someone you like, or have the romantic trait.


It means that our character is in a good mood, sometimes having fits of laughter. This increases comedy and mischief skills, but you must prevent them from becoming hysterical.

You can boost this ability by playing a multitude of games, watching comedy movies, telling jokes, or using the right trait.


Focused characters are perfect for well-being, academic and professional success, as they pay attention to detail, making your tasks and practical activities easier. You can enhance this emotion by playing chess, doing wellness activities, using a telescope or microscope, reading, studying, getting the genius trait.


It is a negative emotion, and it means that our character is somewhat unstable, and something has affected his way of being.

If they have this emotion it will be more difficult for them to complete basic tasks, although luckily it passes in just a few hours. Characters can be dazed by losing a fight, being electrocuted, bumping into something, drinking too much caffeine, or taking medication when healthy.


Another negative emotion is when they do not enjoy their activities, it happens especially in children and adolescents.

This negative emotion can be triggered by repetitive social interactions, watching bad movies, doing an activity for a long time, or reading a skill book below the character’s level.


It is one of the most negative emotions and it can last even several days, and with this the characters are prone to isolating themselves and having difficulties to carry out interactions.

The reasons why a Sim can be sad is when they do not get along with a particular character or pet, when a loved one has died, when there is a breakup or divorce, or with some type of academic or professional failure.


In this negative emotion, the characters will have trouble developing skills or interactions, but you must prevent them from becoming enraged or the character could suffer great consequences.

The things that can make our character angry are arguments, witnessing infidelity, being close to an enemy, being pranked many times, or having a negative mental trait.


When they are embarrassed they cannot perform social interactions and they look uncomfortable by any action they take, and they can reach this negative emotional state with failed social interactions, some accidents, invasions of privacy or professional failure.


A character may feel uncomfortable if their basic needs are not being met, so they will refuse to perform specific actions.

So basically cover all their needs and avoid actions like using cheap items, living in dirty surroundings, eating bad food or not treating them with medicine when they have some kind of illness.


When our characters are tense, they stop developing their skills and it is impossible to carry out certain activities and actions. This negative state can be reached by not completing hobbies, working too hard at work or college, or stressful life events.


Being scared, they can’t concentrate on doing any kind of activity, and they can’t sleep either.

This negative emotional state can be achieved by storms, living in a haunted residential area, having nightmares, or discovering monsters.

With this in mind, you now know what each of the emotional actions in The Sims 4 mean, and how to avoid or provoke them, depending on whether they are negative or positive.

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