All the important decisions of Hogwarts Legacy and their consequences

All the important decisions of Hogwarts Legacy and their consequences

In a title of the immensity of Hogwarts Legacy, we have to make a lot of decisions that can end up affecting, be it the dialogues with other characters or the possibility of being able to enjoy a series of side missions.

Most of these decisions are about dialogue options, but there are also actions related to rewards and items that could change the course of your story in Hogwarts Legacy.

Many of these decisions will open or close special secondary missions for us, and with others we will be able to read different lines of dialogue that you will surely love for the narrative of Hogwarts Legacy.

So we’ve put together a series of decisions that you can make throughout your Hogwarts Legacy adventure that have certain consequences.

All the important decisions of Hogwarts Legacy and their consequences

There are a lot of decisions we can make at Hogwarts Legacy, and many of them have consequences that you should be aware of.

The choice of the house

Surely you already knew this, and it is that, depending on the choice of house you make, the reasons, spells and some other exclusive mission will change, and you can always access our guide to know the differences between each one of them.

astrolabe choice

You can give it to them or you can keep it. If you return it, you will get a reward of 20 gold and the character will be satisfied.

If you keep it, he’ll be mad at you, but you still keep the astrolabe.

choice of the crypt

The first two options don’t matter because you still have to learn the spell.

You have the option of “I would love to”, and you will receive an invitation.

You can say you “don’t want to” but end up getting the invite anyway.

If he asks you if you can say more about your trip, you can say “okay” and a secret will be created between the two characters; You can say “no” by telling him that the book you found is missing pages and the character will be disappointed with your answer.

Parry Pippin Search Choice

You can choose the normal payment that will give us some money and thank you; or ask for more money, where he will give you 500 coins, but he will be angry with you.

Potions Decisions

From time to time someone will randomly appear who wants a potion that you have, if you give it to them, you will be rewarded with two different potions.

Claire Beamont

If you say he’s dead, she’ll be mad at you, and every time you buy or sell her items, she’ll mention her brother.

If you lie and say she’s “chasing a new life,” she’ll still be annoyed with you, she’ll name it to you every time you buy or sell, but she won’t be as disappointed.

Learn Crucio with these choices

You can choose to learn it here and have Sebastian do it too.

If you choose the first option, you take the hit, then heal up and learn the spell.

If you choose the other option, it will throw it on Sebastian and the door opens.

There are many other decisions you can make in Hogwarts Legacy, but these in particular are where we see the biggest consequences.

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