All the non-effect cards of Marvel Snap, are they worth it?

All the non-effect cards of Marvel Snap, are they worth it?

the letters of Marvel Snap they have six basic skill types: On Reveal, Continuous, Move, Discard, Destroy, and No Skill. The magic of the game is all about taking advantage of effects (particularly the destroy, move, and discard archetypes).

But what about the cards without ability? These cards that have no effects, just “brute force”, are a bit of the ugly ducklings of Marvel Snap, and few players choose them for their slim chances.

But are they worth it? Let’s see in this marvel snap guide all non-effect cards in the game, and which decks you can play them in (and locations) to take advantage of them.

All non-effect cards from Marvel Snap

Among the more than 250 Marvel Snap cards (the number is growing every week) there are only six cards without effect.

These cards make up for it with more raw power than usual, and many of them you’ll unlock early in the game.

  • Abomination (5-9) – Initial letter
  • Cyclops (3-4) – Initial letter
  • Hulk (6-12) – Initial letter
  • Misty Knight (1-2) – Initial letter
  • Shocker (2-3) – Initial letter
  • The thing (4-6) – Initial letter
  • Wasp (0-1) – Pool 3

These cards with no effect differ from the other cards because, where they would put their effect, there is a phrase in quotes (such as “it’s time to save the city” or “Hulk smash”).

It is very unlikely that, in future card releases of the season, more cards without effect will arrive, due to their few possibilities and combos. Although there is a very interesting strategy…

How to use cards without ability in Marvel Snap

If you have reached Pool 3 of the Marvel Snap, you will be able to unlock Patriot (3-1). This card, despite only having 1 power, has an effect Ongoing: Your other non-ability cards have +2 power.

Therefore, it’s not a bad strategy to use Patriot in a deck full of non-ability cards, to empower them all with its continuous effect, which the opponent will hardly be able to counter, and affects all the cards you play on the table.

And if you complete the deck with cards from this Continuum deck, with cards like Onslaught, which doubles the Continuum effects of this placement; you can get really considerable power.

On the other hand, during the Animal season, from April 26, a new location is added, The Sandbar, in which only cards with no effect can be played.

Therefore, you want to be prepared for when this location is highlighted, with a deck that combines non-ability cards like Hulk or Abomination or Wasp, powered up with Patriot and Onslaught.

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