All types of NBA All-World coins, the new AR basketball game from the creators of Pokemon Go

All types of NBA All-World coins, the new AR basketball game from the creators of Pokémon Go

It is a fact that Niantic is one of the prominent companies when it comes to mobile video games. Not for nothing in 2016 they stormed the iOS and Android market with Pokemon GO, the popular augmented reality game from the Nintendo franchise.

Later they would try it with Pikmin Bloom, a similar cut game that was not as successful as Pokemon GO. However, things change if we talk about the NBAthe best basketball league in the world.

In this way it comes NBA All-World, an augmented reality game that is now available for free for mobile devices. Although it is a demanding title (it requires 4GB of RAM), the truth is that it is well worth it.

Maybe you’re just starting out in NBA All-World and you don’t really know how coins work. Do not worry, because in this guide we explain the types of currency what is there and how to get them.

Coins: all types, how to get them and what they are for

On paper, NBA All World works similar to Pokemon GO. When you start playing you will create your basketball player, and you will have to demonstrate your skills in the middle of the street.

And we mean that literally. Since it is an augmented reality game, The fun is in going out and looking for fields, challenges and tournaments in which to play against other users.

Of course, two characteristic elements of the NBA also enter here: music and clothing. As we progress we will go unlocking clothing from Nike (Jordan), Adidas, Under Armor and other brands.

We also have the presence of the great NBA stars, who we can recruit in different special locations. In that sense it’s something like ”Pokemon GO meets Ultimate Team”.

And we come to a key point: the coins. In NBA All-World there are five types of coins and then we tell you how they are obtained and what they are for.

Coins are essential in NBA All-World, since they allow you to buy items, recover energy, get power-ups and save you the usual microtransactions of these types of games.

  • Dollars (AWC): It is represented with a green icon, and it is the basic currency of the game. It is used to buy power-ups, restore energy, obtain Arena Passes, modify game tactics or buy accessories. They are earned by participating in triple shooter contests, King of the Hill challenges, and other activities.
  • Arena Passes: They can only be used from level 5. They are necessary to access the tournaments, and it is possible to progress in each one to get better invitations and team tags. Of course, they take up space in your inventory (limited to 100 objects).
  • star tokens: also known as tokens. They have nothing to do with leveling up your players, and their use is limited to classifying players on your team by category.
  • Credits: the other vital currency along with dollars. They are needed to level up your players and to participate in certain events. They are obtained in specific fields and locations (such as Pokemon GO pokeparadas), by completing certain activities.
  • championship rings: very similar to Star Tokens, but in this case they allow you to classify your players to higher ranks. They are needed to enter international tournaments.

This is all you need to know about coins in NBA All-World. The Niantic game is available 100% free for iOS and Android devices through the Google Play Store and App Store.

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