Amulets in Resident Evil 4 Remake: tips on the shooting gallery and how to get the best amulets

Amulets in Resident Evil 4 Remake: tips on the shooting gallery and how to get the best amulets

One of the best Resident Evil of all time is back… better than ever. Resident Evil 4 Remake is not only a great update to the 2005 game, but an unforgettable installment that polishes the formula seen in the previous two remakes.

Resident Evil 4 Remake is out now for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. At the moment it only includes the main story, which also offers extra tasks such as the Peddler’s orders

O the shooting gallery, a place where Leon Kennedy will test his aim against different targets. If you beat the challenges and timestamps, you’ll get tokens that you can exchange for charms.

What are they the amulets? These items give you buffs and upgrades, so it’s important that you know their secrets. In this guide we explain how to succeed in the Resident Evil 4 Remake shooting gallery.

Shooting gallery and amulets: everything you need to know

As its name suggests, the shooting gallery is a minigame available in certain areas of Resident Evil 4 Remake. It consists of shooting several targets, using different weapons and within a time frame.

For each successful shot, we will receive more points. When completing the objectives (shooting at the target, ending in an exact marking or completing it with a specific weapon), the game gives us tokens.

As we progress through the game, the list of challenges in the shooting gallery is updated. What are the tokens for? You can use them to activate the dispenserwhich rewards you with random charms.

Charms are objects that we can equip Leon. Some increase the damage we do, others make us recover a higher percentage of health, or even get more ammunition.

We share them some advices What you should keep in mind:

  • Complete each and every one of the objectives in the shooting gallery, at least once.
  • Read carefully the secondary objectives and requirements of each challenge. Sometimes you may not be doing what you should to get more points and chips.
  • Beware of weapons that have the Penetration ability. They can be very useful, but remember that shooting a sailor will deduct your points.
  • Be very careful with the bonus rounds, in which you have to shoot other targets to get more points.
  • Do not reload until it is absolutely necessary, because you could lose a great opportunity.

Once we finish a target from the shooting gallery, we will get different tokens. After, you must go to the dispenser and place three tiles in each hole. You will receive a random charm.

There is a rumor that says that collecting three gold tokens gives you a rarer amulet. It is not proven, but we encourage you to do it just in case.

There are three types of charms in Resident Evil 4 Remake. They are classified in common, rare and epic. Logically the first ones are the simplest, and the last ones are the best.

These are all the charms in the game:

common charms

  • Doctor Savior: +20% Rifle Ammo Crafting Bonus Frequency
  • Don Diego: +15% Rifle Ammo Crafting Bonus Frequency
  • Don Esteban: +15% Shotgun Shell Crafting Bonus Frequency
  • Don José: +15% Pistol Ammo Crafting Bonus Frequency
  • Don Pedro: +40% health recovery for vipers
  • Isabel: +30% health recovery for vipers
  • Leader Zealot: +10% health recovery for Green Herbs
  • Dynamite Soldier: +30% Attachable Mine Crafting Bonus Frequency
  • Stun Rod Soldier: +15% Bolt Crafting Bonus Frequency
  • Crossbow Zealot: +20% Bolt Crafting Bonus Frequency
  • Shielded Zealot: +20% Shotgun Shell Crafting Bonus Rate

rare amulets

  • Chicken: +100% health recovery for all egg types
  • JJ: 40% discount on resources
  • Leon with a Gun – 30% Off Knife Repairs
  • Leon with Shotgun: +40% ammo resale value
  • Luis Sera: +20% weapon resale value

epic amulets

  • Merchant: 5% discount on weapon upgrades
  • Rhinoceros Beetle: +100% of the resale value of the salvage item.

Apart from the story, the side missions and the shooting gallery, Next April 7th the Mercenaries mode will arrive as free DLC. And later the DLC starring Ada Wong, Separate Paths, will be added.

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