Best 3 Cost Marvel Snap Cards

Best 3 Cost Marvel Snap Cards

How about the vice to Marvel Snap? This style card game Hearthstone o Yu-Gi-Oh has won over millions of players, and is growing every week with new Marvel hero and villain cards, as well as monthly locations and seasons.

In this guide, we have selected a series of 3 cost cards which are very useful. This game consists of filling three locations with cards and increasing your score. But the cards with the most points add up are the most expensive.

There are cost cards from 1 to 6, so the ones at level 3 is when things get interesting.

Best 3 Cost Marvel Snap Cards (Pool 1)

Some players prefer not to waste level 1 and 2 cards in their hands, and save the first few turns to start strong in the middle of the game with stronger cards.

If this is your case, here we propose a selection of cards that cost 3 energy and that will help you develop very interesting strategies. Also, all these cards are from Pool 1 (before reaching collection level 214), so you can unlock them right away.

Mister Fantastic

Reed Richards is one of the first cards you’ll get in the game, but it’s very useful for its ability to add +2 power to adjacent locations. Place it in the center so that it automatically adds +2 to the others…

Including locations where you can’t put cards normally. It might be your only option to score at those locations!

Captain America

A good support to set up when you already have other cards in the location, because it gives +1 power to the other cards you already have in the location. It can be a good option to use it to complete a location.


This card has +4 power, not bad, and it also merges with another random card you have in the location. What is this for? It will permit you “make room” in locations that are full.

It is an effect that can be useful, but sometimes not, if you want to have as many cards as possible in the location, or it can truncate some continuous effect of another card. Hold it in your hand for choice, if you use it, it’s quite a gamble!


Use it if you think you can predict opponent’s move. If you put it in a location and your opponent has put another card in that location that turn, he will have +3 power. But it only applies the turn you play it, so use it when you’re sure your opponent is going to play a card at that spot that turn!


This is another card you’ll have early on, a more unknown mutant that you can use similar to Captain America, because it adds +2 power for each additional card you have in the location.

It only has 1 power, but if you play it in a location where you already have three cards, it will add 7 pointsNot bad for its cost!


Cosmonaut Dog causes card effects to not activate, including your opponent’s, at the location you put it on. In this way you can thwart the opponent’s plans.


Bishop’s passive effect can be devastating. He only has 1 power, but grants +1 power just for playing cards. The best thing you can do is save energy points to play it as soon as possible and be able to benefit at the end of +7 or even +10 points.


Ironheart can tip the scales in multiple locations at once. He doesn’t have any power points, but by putting it on he will give +2 power to 3 other random cards of yours. It can be a desperate gamble if you need to break tiebreakers in multiple locations at once…

Here we leave you with the complete guide to Marvel Snap, the free to play card game on iOS and Android.

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