Best Atomic Heart Powers You Should Unlock & Power Up Before

Best Atomic Heart Powers You Should Unlock & Power Up Before

Atomic Heart It has already been released and allows you to enjoy a Bioshock-inspired adventure. Therefore, its shooter essence is there, but the game offers other ways to kill enemies. Powers are very important here.

Therefore, if you have just started playing, here we want to offer you a guide with some of the most useful skills you can get in the Atomic Heart and that they will come in handy in the first bars of this one.

Best Atomic Heart Powers You Should Unlock & Power Up Before

wild boar

Character Energy Upgrade: Once you get your hands on it, the following suit upgrades will increase your maximum health. You can get it for 37 neuropolymer.

morning exercise

Character energy upgrade. Grants you a sprint speed increase. You can get it for 80 neuropolymer.

Goo ball going to the race

Character energy upgrade. It goes very well with an offensive style and with the previous improvement, since a shield will protect you from the damage received. You can get it for 62 neuropolymer.


This is a Zap ability. With it you can electrocute enemies. It’s basic, but extremely useful. You can get it for 32 of neuropolymer.

chain lightning

Zap ability upgrade that discharges a strong bolt of lightning at the closest enemy. You can get it for 69 of neuropolymer.

mass telekinesis

This ability is another of the main ones and with it you can grab the enemies that are in a specific area and lift them into the air. It can be obtained by 66 of neuropolymer.

As for other guides that you should take into account for the first stages of the adventure, here you can take a good look at the 7 tips and tricks that you should know before starting to play.

What have you not yet been able to play or get to know Atomic Heart in depth? Well, here we leave you our analysis so that you can do it calmly. This is how we have assessed the game that is inspired by Bioshock:

Despite some initial fears and a few technical glitches, Atomic Heart is confirmed to be a complete, fun, and spectacular game that promises to hook any shooter fan who cares about narrative. Bol’shoi!