Best deck and strategies with Nimrod in Marvel Snap, the letter of the season of March 2023

Best deck and strategies with Nimrod in Marvel Snap, the letter of the season of March 2023

Marvel Snap reinvents one of the most popular archetypes, Destroy, in its March 2023 season, Days of Future Past, through the pass card, Nimrod.

If you decide to buy the Season Pass, which costs 10,99 euros,(or 16.99 the Premium+, which automatically advances the season pass 10 levels) you will have immediate access to Nimrodone of the villains of the X-Men:

Nimrod: 5 power, 5 cost: When destroyed, add a copy to the other two locations.

How to get Nimrod in Marvel Snap

At the moment, during the month of march 2023buying the pass with real money is the only way to get the letter from Nimrod.

Later, you can get it without paying… although you will have to be lucky, since it will be added to the Pool 5and you would need 6,000 tokens in the store, or infinite luck for it to come out in collector’s reserves (it has a ratio of 0.25%).

Better synergies and deck with Nimrod in Marvel Snap

There are many cards that have the destroy effect, which when destroyed empower their cards around them, or regenerate with more power. Examples of these cards are Wolverine, Nova, Bucky Barnes, Sabretooth, Deadpool…

Nimrod has a peculiarity: most of them tend to be low-cost cards, but Nimrod costs 5 energy, so under normal conditions you can only use it after turn 5.

When building a deck with Nimrod, you have two options: use cards as Wave, Psylocke o Electrowhich allow you to gain more energy during the game in order to use it sooner, or reserve it for turn 5.

In the second case, it will force you to play a card that destroys on turn 6, to destroy it and thus benefit from its regeneration in the other two locations.

If you can manage to destroy it before turn 5, or in the same turn 5 (that the location itself destroys it, for example), Fuck (6-0) can be a great finisher on turn 6 (has the combined power of all cards destroyed in the game).

Just in case, you should also have cards that can destroy on turn 6. Galactus (6-2), Arnim Zola (6-0) y Destroyer (6-15) are options for a big play on turn 6, but you should also reserve cards like Venom (3-1)which may work better for you, and on top of that it only costs three: destroy your other cards and add their power to theirs, so would you reuse Nimrod.

Other letters to take into account are those that allow buffear to Nimrod before playing it, so your clones have double the power.

Shuri It is the perfect card, since you can play it on turn 4 to double the power of the next card you play (the bad thing is that at the moment it is from Pool 4, so you most likely have not unlocked it; use Forge instead, which works in much the same way and is from Pool 1).

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