Best deck with Nebula in Marvel Snap, perhaps the best 1 cost card in the entire game

Best deck with Nebula in Marvel Snap, perhaps the best 1 cost card in the entire game

The Guardians of the Galaxy season brings some of the most rare cards to Marvel Snap.

Throughout the five-week season, you’ll be able to unlock cards like Howard the Duck or High Evolutionary, but it’s the card of the season, Nebulathe one that takes the palm.

In this Marvel Snap guide we will first explain how to unlock Nebula, the daughter of Thanos turned ally, and then how this card works that can revolutionize the meta, despite its low cost.

How to unlock Nebula in Marvel Snap

Star-Lord, Gamora, Groot Drax, Rocket, Goot, and the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy and allies were already in the Marvel Snap.

was missing Nebulawhich comes out as a card of the season pass, which means that, during the month of May (until June 5), can only be achieved by paying.

This letter can only be obtained if you buy the paid season pass, which costs 10,99 euros(o 16,99 the Premium+, which automatically advances the season pass 10 levels).

Later (next month) it will be added to Series 5 and can be unlocked with 6,000 tokens in the shopor with great luck finding it in the Collector’s Reserves when raising collection level. But now without paying… at least, not directly.

How Nebula works

  • Nebula (1-1): Each turn your opponent doesn’t play a card here, +2 power (except the turn you play that card).

As you can see, this new card has a clear intention: to “force” the opponent to play in a specific location, possibly thwarting their own strategies, to prevent Nebula from becoming more and more powerful.

If you were to play Nebula on turn 1, and the opponent doesn’t play any cards at that location (they decide to “forfeit” it to control the other two), Nebula could have 11 power on turn 6.

Of course, that situation will probably never happen, but even if the opponent counters its effect, it could end up with 3, 5, 7, or 9 power.

In fact, you make sure that Nebula will grow at least once (opponent has to play 4 cards in 5 turns), getting 3 power at the end minimumit would already be above the average power of 1 cost cards.

The only time Nebula won’t grow is…if it’s destroyed, which can easily happen if your opponent has cards like Elektra (1-1) o Killmonger (3-3)so it can be good for you to put in your deck with Nebula a Armor (2-3) and use it in the second turn to protect her.

Best deck with Nebula in Marvel Snap

Nebula has clear synergies with two types of cards. For one, the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy! Rocket Raccoon (1-2), Star-Lord (2-2), Groot (3-4), Draxo (4-5) y Gamora (5-7) have an effect On Reveal: If your opponent has played a card here this turn, +2/3/5(respectively) to power.

These cards will benefit from getting more energy if your opponent has played a card in that location, which they’ll likely do if they see you’ve started Nebula. Nebula’s “counter” becomes a “buff” of the Guardians.

On the other hand are the “location controller” cards. if you play Storm (3-2) Professor X (5-3) you’ll block the location, and no cards can be put there anymore, which will ensure that Nebula grows again in the later turns.

With all of these synergies, the only real downside to Nebula is if you don’t draw it on turn one, since those are points you stop earning. But If you manage to take it out in the first turn, you will have the chance to win in that game.

But here you can also counter it with Bast (1-1)which on Reveal sets the power of all your cards to 3, allowing you to start Nebula at 3 power next turn.

Finally, we put Jessica Jones in the deck (4-4), because its effect On Reveal: If you didn’t play a card here next turn, +4 Power It’s always useful, especially in games like this, where you’ll be playing to guess where your opponent will place the cards.

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