Best forge mode maps in Halo Infinite

Best forge mode maps in Halo Infinite

There is a lot of maps interesting that we can find for the forge mode in Halo Infinite, and more now that it has just been released as a large part of the winter update, and many maps have been inspired by previous installments.

Even though the forge mode of Halo Infinite has just been released in the last major update, the truth is that Halo users already have a few creations that you can start enjoying.

Many of these maps are inspired by previous maps from past installments of the license. Halobut which have been remastered and have even been given a new use.

So we’ve put together a list of the best Forge mode maps in Halo Infinite, so you can enjoy them alone or with your best friends.

Best forge mode maps in Halo Infinite

Repul Soccer (download)

In the midst of the 2022 World Cup and with titles like Rocket League hitting hard, we have this particular version in the form of a minigame where the Repulsor device has been given a new life on this 4v4 map that you are going to love.

Lockout (descargar)

It is a remastering of one of the most iconic maps in the franchise, specifically from the second installment, and it has been redesigned in great detail, and it will surely bring back many memories.

Damnation (descargar)

Another remastering, a modern version of this classic map from the first installment and that is compatible with most modalities, so you will get a lot out of it.

Eternity (descargar)

Although it is a small and vertical stage, it is packed with great detail, and more focused on expert players who jump directly into the action, with a series of fast-paced combat.

Final Destination (descargar)

Another minigame where players carry only a plasma pistol and high recoil grenades, receiving lots of health and repulsor charges. It is a chaotic and very fun experience that can be played 1v1 or with eight players.

Curfew (download)

It is a remastering of a Halo 5 map and can be played in various ways and with up to eight players, so fun is guaranteed.

So you already know the best maps for Halo Infinite so far. As the weeks go by, many more Forge Mode maps will become available for Halo Infinite, so keep an eye out.

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