Best Hogwarts Legacy Talents You Should Unlock First

Best Hogwarts Legacy Talents You Should Unlock First

Surely you are spending a magical weekend with Hogwarts Legacy, the open world Harry Potter game developed by Avalanche Software and Warner Bros. And the fact is that the title was launched yesterday on PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC, but it is I could play for a few days.

Like a good open world game, Hogwarts Legacy invites us to explore every corner of Hogwarts castle and its surroundings. Lots of secrets and side quests await you beyond the main plot.

Although it is not its strong point, Hogwarts Legacy also has RPG touches. As we progress through the game we level up and gain experience, which we can then exchange for upgrades.

In Hogwarts Legacy we can invest experience and talent points to get better spells, attributes and other types of improvements. In this guide we clarify what aspects should you improve first.

Top Talents and Skills You Should Upgrade First

Every wizard and every witch has their secrets. In Hogwarts Legacy there are tons of spells available, but as we progress through the game you can apply improvements and even add attributes and effects to each of them.

It’s part of the essence of being a Hogwarts student. To improve the spells and abilities of the game, you need to get experience and talent points. Of course, spend them wisely, as the number is limited (there are 40) and once spent, they cannot be recovered.

In Hogwarts Legacy there are five categories of talents. They are the following: Spell Talents, Dark Arts Talents, Core Talents, Stealth Talents, and Room of Requirement Talents.

Core Talents are essential for combat and exploration in Hogwarts Legacy. Meanwhile, Spell Talents will specialize you in the use of each spell, and Stealth Talents make it easier for you to blend in with enemies.

Dark Arts talents are typical of evil witches and wizards, as they unlock better effects for attacks and the three Unforgivable Curses. Finally, the talents of the room of requirements are designed for those who want to take full advantage of the potions and plants that we obtain in our private base.

In this guide we explain the talents that you should improve first. Some of them require a specific level to unlockso keep that in mind.

main talents

  • Fast: It is unlocked at level 5. It is used to execute a dodge that goes further.
  • Spell Knowledge (I, II, and III): Unlocked at level 5 (I and II) and level 16 (III). They allow you to equip more sets of spells.

spell talents

  • domain of action: Unlocked at level 5.
  • fire domain: Unlocked at level 5.
  • Dominion de Diffindo: Unlocked at level 5.

feats of stealth

  • Secrecy I and II– Unlocked at level 5 and level 16. Makes it harder for enemies to spot you.
  • Dominio de Petrificus Totalus: Unlocked at level 22.

Dark Arts Talents

  • Avada Kedavra Mastery: level 22 required.

These are The best Hogwarts Legacy talents and which ones you should improve first. Remember that this is just one section of the many RPG elements in the game, so take it easy.

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