Best Marvel Snap 6 Cost Cards: Complete List and Best Cards for Beginners and Advanced

Best Marvel Snap 6 Cost Cards: Complete List and Best Cards for Beginners and Advanced

the letters of cost 6 of Marvel Snap they are the most powerful in the entire game, and some are so unbalancing that they can turn the tables for you to win your game, in the most brutal ways… you’ll see!

In this Marvel Snap guide we have selected the best 6 cost cards that currently exist in the mobile game, divided into the three main series of cards (Pool 1, Pool 2 and Pool 3,4 and 5).

So, first we look at the best Marvel Snap 6 cost cards that you’ll unlock early in your games, until you reach set level 214. Then Pool 2, which you unlock until you reach set level 500.

And from there, those of Pool 3 and the rare and very rare cards of Pool 4 and 5.

Best Marvel Snap 6 Cost Cards

Pool 1

We begin the review by looking at the cards of Pool 1, as well as those of the recruit season and the initial cards. In your first few hours, until you reach set level 214, you’ll get 7 6-cost cards:

  • Spectrum (6-5) – Gives your Continuum cards +2 power
  • Onslaught (6-7) – Doubles the Ongoing effects of other cards at that location
  • Odin (6-8) – Reactivates abilities When Revealed from other cards in that location
  • Hulk (6-12) – No Effect
  • Heimdall (6-8) – Move your cards to a location to the right
  • Apocalypse (6-8) – Whenever you discard it, it returns to your deck with +4 power
  • America Chavez (6-9) – You always get this card on turn 6, and not before

In the tiers of the Marvel Snap metagame, America Chavez It’s one of those that always shows up. She has 9 power, more than usual for 6 cost cards, with one effect that plays it safe: you’ll always draw her on turn 6, ensuring you’ll be able to play her on turn 6.

Other cards have effects that can be very useful to you. Spectrum y Onslaught They don’t have a lot of power, but if you make a deck full of Continuum cards, you can buff them a ton in a devastating final turn.

On the other hand, if you play a deck with the discard archetype, Apocalypse it’s very, very useful: you’ll be able to discard it up to two or three times in a game, and it’ll have enormous power on turn six.

Pool 2

Next, let’s look at the 6 cost card from Pool 2, a smaller “bag” of cards, but where things get really interesting…

  • The Infinaut (6-20) – If you played a card in the previous turn, you will not be able to play it.

Pool 2 only has 25 cards, and only one is 6 cost. But what a card! If you decide to play it, you will have to set up the first four turns well, reinforce two locations to the maximum, and pass turn on turn 5 in order to play infinaut in the six, the card with the most power in the entire game. It’s risky, but so much fun!

Pool 3

Pool 3 is the largest, the one that will take you the longest to complete, and it is also unlocked at the same time as the cards from Pool 4 and 5, which are rare and ultra-rare. For this reason, we have placed them in the same section: at the end we highlight those of Pool 4 and 5 (which tend to be expanded each season):

  • Agatha Harkness (6-14) – Play the cards for you
  • Arnim Zola (6-0) – Destroy one of your cards at random, and add copies of it to the other locations
  • Death (9-12) – Reduces its cost by 1 for each card destroyed in the game
  • Destroyer (6-15) – Destroy your other cards
  • Doctor Doom (6-5) – Add a 5 power bot to the other locations
  • Giganto (6-14) – You can only play it to the left
  • Hela (6-6) – Play all cards you discarded to random locations
  • Leader (6-3) – Copies all of your opponent’s cards that will play that turn and puts them on your side
  • Magneto (6-12) – Move all of the opponent’s 3 and 4 cost cards to that location
  • Ultron (6-8) – Creates four 1 power drones in another location and fills them
  • POOL 4: Helicarrier (6-10) – When discarded, add 3 random cards to your hand
  • POOL 4: Orka (6-9) – Has +5 power if it’s your only card here
  • POOL 4: She-Hulk (6-10) – Costs 1 less for each unspent energy point last turn
  • POOL 5: Galactus (6-2) – If it’s your only card here, destroy the other locations
  • POOL 5: Knull (6-0) – Has the combined power of all cards destroyed in the game
  • POOL 6: Thanos (6-8) – Shuffle all six Infinity Stones into your deck at the start

Pool 3, let alone 4 and 5, are harder to come by. That is why we recommend these cards if you unlock them or can buy them in the token shop. Doctor Doomwhen adding a power 5 bot in another location, is good for splitting your power into two locations.

Another of the favorites in the tier list is Magnetobecause of his great power. Its effect of drawing your opponent’s cards to that location can be countered easily with Spider-Man.

If you play the destroy archetype, Death It is a card that will come in very handy, because it can reduce its cost below 6 if there are many destroyed cards in the game, and if you have Fuck (which is ultra rare) is another good one for a destroy deck.

We say the same about Helabut with discard decks.

Here we leave you with the complete guide to Marvel Snap, the free to play card game on iOS and Android, and other articles such as the best starting cards, how to get cards without paying, Nick Fury or Zero’s target decks, best strategies for discard, how to get the cards from the Season Passes without paying or the best deck with the Guardians of the Galaxy.

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