Best method to get TOTYs in FIFA 23

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Surely you will want to always have the best cards in FIFA 23 Ultimate Teamand now that the TOTY They are one of those cards that you have to watch very closely.

There can be dozens of methods to try to get a number of premium advanced cards in Ultimate Team, and you start at the very bottom, trying to open packs, recycling some particular cards and improving many others.

Now we want to offer you an interesting method for FIFA 23 Ultimate Team in which you could end up drawing quite a few TOTY, in a procedure that is not so fast, but efficient, and that deals with the possibility of investing and recycling a series of cards that we go getting.

So we give you the best method that exists so that you can get TOTYs in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

Best method to get TOTYs in FIFA 23

It is simple, but it takes time.

Starting from bronze envelopes, those that are from the second division or from very minor leagues, we are going to put them into squad-building challenges, live and in “league mix improvement”.

For the rest of the bronze cards that are more important we are going to put them in improvements.

And as you well know, the ones from bronze improvements are going to give us silver, then we are going to put that silver into silver improvements so that they give us gold, and those gold that they have given us we put into gold improvements to have more cards rare as premium.

So having started with the bronzes, as soon as we have the rare golds, we can start with the premium upgrades, especially the premium Premier League upgrades and the premium Spanish league upgrades.

And then it’s up to you to know how to craft to use those rare golds in SBCs or for Premium improvements to try to get special and advanced cards like TOTY.

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