Best methods to farm money in Like a Dragon Ishin

Best methods to farm money in Like a Dragon Ishin

Like a Dragon Ishin will force you to spend a lot of money throughout the game. The new title of the saga Yakuza It requires you to invest in improvements of all kinds and for this, money is one of its fundamental resources. If you’re short, don’t worry:

The game allows you to get money in many ways, but there are some better ways than others, of course. He money farming in Like a Dragon Was It is relatively simple, since you are presented with various options depending on the moment and progress of your game. Which are?

Best methods to farm money in Like a Dragon Ishin

Fishing is the first great way to get money quickly and although you will not get millions of dollars, this is a fairly effective method. Once you complete chapter 2 you should have access to fishing.

However, it is always advisable to obtain bait to attract the rarest and most valuable fish. Some of the places where you can go fishing are Teradaya Inn south of Fushimi and the Kamo River.

However, the best thing to obtain money is to reach the chapter 4 and access the side quest that practically turns Like a Dragon Ishin into a life simulator in the purest Stardew Valley style and that has the players absolutely hooked.

The spin off of the Yakuza saga allows us to run our own farm and it is here where we can get an immense amount of benefits. To get more money you must consider expanding and improving the farm in certain key aspects.

The size of the crops, the scarecrows and other additions are key to making your kicks and vegetables much more profitable. In addition, with each upgrade, the growth speed will also increase.

Although it is not the only interesting method that the game proposes. You should know that participating in fights always pays off, especially if you “break your face” with the most powerful enemies in this type of task. You also have to take into account the battle center if you want money.

Of course, in case you still haven’t been able to enjoy the game, don’t hesitate to get to know it in depth with our review. For Hobby Consoles, Like a Dragon Ishin is a fascinating game in many ways, one that rewards the player who is patient and eager to explore. It does justice to the legendary franchise from which it comes.