Better methods to farm credits in Gran Turismo 7 after update 1.31

Better methods to farm credits in Gran Turismo 7 after update 1.31

with the last update As of version 1.31 of Gran Turismo 7, the development team has balanced a number of aspects and it is likely that some of the tricks that we had previously exposed no longer work to get many credits.

Luckily, thanks to the user community, we have discovered a new trick that will allow us to obtain a multitude of credits in Gran Turismo 7 after update 1.31.

Basically it is about builds that we want to introduce you to, but especially we have to change the engine, also buy certain updates so that it can work well, and obviously then run on the right circuit.

So, without further ado, we offer you these two builds for Gran Turismo 7 that work very well to get credits in version 1.31 of the game.

Better methods to farm credits in Gran Turismo 7 after update 1.31

Build 1

Cappuccino 91


Let’s go to the vehicle maintenance section and you have to make sure that your car is a wide body type, where the appearance of the vehicle is changed by expanding it with larger tires.

Already within the customization of the car we obviously go to the wheels, which is what interests us, and we must select the 14-inch ones, which is the standard size, go back to the standard size in the intermediate option and finally change the third option to “width” instead of standard size. This last aspect is very important.

It is also convenient to choose type B within the standard front and side parts of the vehicle and type A with regard to the rear of the vehicle.

For the spoiler we are going to opt for the type 7 and the “low”. Then, in the framework of reinforcements that protects the cabin of the car, we are going to opt for type A.

We apply and save.

Now don’t forget to go to the tuning shop, and buy the following things:

  • Weight reduction stage 1, 2 y 3
  • Sports soft
  • Fully customizable computer
  • High rpm turbocharger
  • Fully customizable LSD
  • Increase body rigidity
  • Engine balance tuning
  • Polish ports
  • Racing intercooler
  • Racing air filter
  • Racing muffler
  • Racing exhaust manifold
  • Racing brake pads
  • Racing brake kit slitted discs
  • Fully customizable suspension
  • Racing clutch and flywheel
  • Fully customizable racing transmission

Now do not forget, add the engine that we have told you before which is the 13B REW RX 7

And with the following car configuration:

The circuit to perform this trick with the above configuration is to go to Asia Oceania, and then select “Tokio Expressway World Touring Car 600”.

Build 2

V6 Shield Pikes Special

And with the following configuration:

Thanks to these configurations now you are going to get quite a lot of credits in this latest update for Gran Turismo 7.

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