Call of Duty Mobile: Why are players buying and selling accounts?

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Why are players buying and selling Call of Duty Mobile accounts? Let’s find out what’s behind the account market

Call of Duty Mobile was released way back in October 2019 and has remained a favorite among fans ever since. It’s an FPS game that has tons of skins for rifles, melee weapons, characters and much more. Rare and notable skins can only be found or purchased during limited-time events, meaning that if you miss these events and fail to get the skin, it can never be obtained again. At least if you just play the game, but looking on the internet, there are many websites like Playersloot where you can buy and sell Call of Duty Mobile accounts which may have the specific skin you are looking for.

Call of Duty Mobile: Why are players buying and selling accounts?

Where to buy Call of Duty Mobile accounts?

The internet is a vast place and you usually always find what you are looking for, so it is even possible to find a good website that legitimately sells Call of Duty Mobile accounts. Playersloot is a very user-friendly website, filled with buyers and sellers of different online gaming accounts, especially COD Mobile. In this marketplace, you will see many Call of Duty Mobile accounts for sale, such as those that cost $15 that feature a high-level account with some rare character and weapon skins, to $450 that feature a huge collection of legendary weapon skins that you can never get again because they come from limited-time events.

What are the most expensive accounts sold?

The most expensive Call of Duty Mobile account currently listed and for sale on Playersloot costs a whopping $450featuring 5 Mythic weapon skins, 20 Legendary weapon skins, and 1 Legendary Operator Skin. The reason this account is so expensive is that all the skins in it cost a fortune and can only be obtained during limited-time events. The Legendary and Mythic skins are extremely rare weapon skins that have a lot of effects compared to other weapon skin tiers in the game.

Call of Duty Mobile: Why are players buying and selling accounts?

Why do people buy accounts with lots of CP?

The CPs are there valuta premium di Call of Duty Mobile and there are many ways to get them, such as participating in community giveaway events. There are also real-world events and even tournaments that reward players with lots of CP. Regardless of the ways CP can be obtained, it is enough to work hard to obtain them or simply buy them with real money. The reason players buy COD Mobile accounts with a large amount of CP is that buying accounts that already have a lot of CP is much cheaper than reload them yourself. CP is COD Mobile’s currency that can be used to purchase some of the best skins in the game. Rare and good-looking items can only be obtained and purchased during limited-time events, and having CP available when these events occur is crucial.

Call of Duty Mobile: Why are players buying and selling accounts?

What is Call of Duty Mobile?

Call of Duty Mobile is a first person multiplayer online game. It’s possible play in different modes, such as Battle Royale, where you are placed in a team of four and sent to an island where you need to loot buildings and other places to get weapons and armor upgrades. There will also be almost a hundred players trying to kill you and your team and the last team or last man standing will win the game for his team. There’s also a multiplayer mode that can be played like a battle arena, where you’ll be pitted against a team of five other than your own, and the team that scores the most points wins. The win condition of multiplayer modes is different and is based on the mode you are playing. That’s all from the video games section, keep following us!