Centurions in FIFA 23: Everything you should do and avoid in the new FUT event

Centurions in FIFA 23: Everything you should do and avoid in the new FUT event

With the beginning of the year we have a new event in FIFA 23 Ultimate Teamspecifically that of the centurionswhich brings together a series of footballers who have reached some 100 milestone, such as games played or goals scored in their professional career.

We already have a first team available, and there will be a second team in a few days and with it the possibility of obtaining each of these cards, whether through envelopes or the transfer market, and many of them through objectives or good team building challenges.

So we are going to tell you exactly what is the first team of centurions of FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, but we are also going to help you solve a series of objectives and tell you what the SBC that we have available for a limited time.

Many of these cards are very interesting, so we recommend that you try to do especially the objectives and SBC ones, because then they will go up in price quite a bit on the transfer market.

Centurions in FIFA 23: Everything you should do and avoid in the new FUT event

Equip 1 of the centurions

target player

In this case we talk about Peter Gulácsi which can be achieved with a series of really simple goals thanks to his appearance in 100 Bundesliga games with Leipzig.

To do this you must meet the following objectives:

  • Score eight goals in team battles with Bundesliga players
  • Make four assists with defenders
  • Scoring a finesse goal in three separate matches
  • Win six games in total

SBC available

Primer SBC

  • A team made up of a maximum of 2 leagues
  • A minimum of seven different nationalities
  • Two players from the same club
  • Team average over 65

Reward: Rare Player Packs

Second SBC

  • Minimum 1 first acquisition player
  • Nationalities in the squad 2
  • Maximum five players from the same league
  • Minimum 1 unique player
  • Chemistry minimum 22
  • Average value of the workforce 75

Reward: Medium Electro Prime Players Pack +80



  • Average value of the workforce 87
  • 1 Premier League player


  • Team average of 86
  • 1 fit player


  • Average rating of the team 84
  • Containing 1 Manchester City player
  • 1 player whose overall minimum is 86 or higher

If we get past him, we’ll get this card from Mahrez, a great winger and midfielder with five-star skills.

During the next few days you will have to be attentive to the different challenges of making the squad and objectives that are going to be released, and especially the team 2 that we will have available to you from Saturday, January 14.

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