Changing the teratype of a Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple

Changing the teratype of a Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple

Pokemon Scarlet and Purple, like every new generation of Pokemon, introduces a striking novelty in combat mechanics. The new Pokemon of the ninth generation of Switch will go down in history for its open world, for its Iberian setting and for its… well, for its bugs.

But another of the most original innovations is the teracrystallization, the equivalent of the dynamax and gigamax forms of Sword and Shield. This time, the Pokemon do not become giant, but they turn to glass and it gives them a kind of crown…which boosts that teratype’s attacks and can even make them change types.

Each Pokemon has a teratype, something like a secondary type that is activated by using the Teracrystal orb. Many times, the teratypes are the same as the original type that the Pokemon belongs to, but it is possible change your therotype and create crazy combinationslike a fire type with a water teratype.

Here we explain how to change the teratypes in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple, for which you will need some objects called teralitos.

What is Teracrystallization

The teratypes are the same as the normal types, that is, there are 18 teratypes. By activating that Pokemon’s teracrystallization, moves of the same teratype will be boosted.

You can activate Teracrystallization on a Pokemon once per battle. When the fight ends, it returns to its normal type. To do so, you need to have Teracrystal energy in the Teracrystal Orb. After a fight, you can recharge the orb with the crystals you find, or recharge it at once in a Pokemon Center.

How to change a pokemon teratype

You can teratype a Pokemon, but for that you need Teralites. These items can be obtained in several ways. Sometimes they come out for Paldea and as a reward for defeating teracrystallized pokémon, or for attending classes, but the best way is complete teraids.

We can take these teralites (which are also differentiated by each type) to the Mestura Village Restaurant. There we can change the teratype of a Pokemon por 50 teralites of the teratype you want to put on it. But in order to take advantage of this function, we must first take care of the Gym in the region.

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