Colosseums in Elden Ring: how to enter, where they are and everything you need to know about the new PvP modes

Colosseums in Elden Ring: how to enter, where they are and everything you need to know about the new PvP modes

Elder Ring releases an update in the form of a small DLC that adds more depth to multiplayer on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC. The title increases its benefits with this free content purely focused on combat between players.

After many rumors related to those coliseums discovered throughout the Middle LandsFromSoftware has already quenched players’ cravings by opening the doors of these vast buildings to reveal what’s inside.

The coliseums are the scene of the new PvP battles that are beginning to be fought from now on in Elden Ring. If you also want to become a gladiator and prove your worth in the arena, here we leave you the keys in this way.

How to enter the Colosseums in Elden Ring and where they are

Hay three coliseums in Elden Ring. The first one is at north of Necrolimbothe second shortly entering the devastated wastelands of Caelid and the third in the lyndell city. You will recognize all of them on the map for being semicircular structures with several towers.

They are huge buildings, but to enter you don’t have to do any particular achievement beyond finding them. You must enter through the door and once inside you will see a larger than normal statue of Márika.

This is where you can select which PvP mode do you want to play. Each coliseum has its own list of modes. In each one of them you will be able to select the mode, the number of players (up to 6) and other options for combat.

Once you agree with the selection, you must wait for the matchmaking to connect with other players and after this, it will be time to get involved in cakes, either all against all or by teams. Here we leave you in which modalities you can fight in each coliseum:

  • Necrolimbo Coliseum: Epic Combat and Team Combat
  • Caelid Coliseum: Epic Combat, Team Combat and Duel, but with Summons activated
  • Lyndell Coliseum: Duel 1 vs 1

Finally, you don’t have to travel to each coliseum to change modality. you can always travel to the round table and use the new statue of Márika to select any of the three combat scenarios.

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